3MP Lineup

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6am-12noon: My Breakfast/Mornings with John Tamb
12noon–2pm: The Midday Music Marathon
2pm-7pm: Afternoons / The Drive Home with Eddie Olek
7pm-Midnight: Evenings with Mark Johnson


6am-12pm: My Saturday Lifestyle with John Tamb
- My Fishing with Phil Wall 6am-9am
- Richard Stockman's Big Brunch 9am-11am
12noo –2pm: The Midday Music Marathon
2pm–6pm: Eddie Olek
6pm-Midnight: Jukebox Saturday Night with Mark Johnson


6am–12pm: My Sunday Lifestyle with Eddie Olek
- My Money with Jim Newman 8am-9am
- My Real Estate with Torsten Kasper and Sam Gamon 10am-10.30am
12pm–2pm: The Midday Music Marathon
2pm–6pm: John Tamb