Mark Robinson takes aim at Channel Nine

Joshua Papanikolaou | 15 Feb 2016, 03:07PM

Mark Robinson has strongly defended his decision to write a story late on Friday night that ultimately revealed Garry Lyon had a relationship with good friend Billy Brownless’ ex-wife.

The chief football writer for the Herald Sun broke the exclusive story that a serious personal feud had caused the friendship to end.

“It’s a real funny thing with Garry, Channel 9 and Triple M where they work,” said Robinson on SEN radio.

“People are saying we’re going to be dancing on this terrible story – there is no greater group in Melbourne, if not Australia media than the Channel 9 and Triple M group who dance on the misfortune of so many people and make jokes about it.

“You know Ben Cousins was suicidal, Wayne Carey was said to be suicidal, Ricky Nixon was said to be suicidal but meanwhile the Triple M and Channel 9 boys make skits about other people’s misfortunes.

“Now, one of their own, the big daddy of them, it’s ‘everyone don’t say anything!’

"I don’t want to go to that level but I like consistency.”

Neither Brownless nor Lyon has spoken to anyone about the incident and the Nine Network were very quick to instruct anyone involved not to comment.

“Well I’ll tell you why (there was some backlash), in situations like this Channel 9 wanted to manage it – ‘we were planning on releasing the information’ they said but the Herald Sun stuffed it because we released it before Channel 9 could stage manage it,” explained Robinson.

Since then he has written an article pointing out that although Lyon should be supported as he works through his issues Brownless is the biggest victim.

“I find it very difficult, very difficult talking about mental health issues, I really do,” said Robinson.

“So in this situation I try to keep it separate.

“Do I feel for Garry, of course I do, but I also feel for Bill and Mel.”