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  • AFL Trade Period Summary

    Now the trade period is officially over and the dust has settled let's take a look at what your club ended up with.

  • Jon Ralph on 2015 AFL Fixture

    “I really like this draw, of course there are flaws in it and who knows what it’s going to be really like until about round eight next year."

  • Dons vs. ASADA heading to AFL tribunal

    “It means they’re going to have the argument before a contested hearing at the AFL tribunal. We’re still, believe it or not, in the early stages of the formal processes."

  • Niall: No incentive for AFL to give long suspensions

    The AFL has issued infraction notices to 34 past and present Essendon players for the use of thymosin beta-4, but Jake Niall suggests that extended suspensions are unlikely to be given should they be found guilty.

  • Robbo’s five biggest AFL stories of 2014

    The chief football writer for the Herald Sun, Mark Robinson, told SEN’s The Run Home what he thought were the top five stories from the 2014 AFL season.

  • AFL choosing to celebrate McHale’s incorrect record

    “You can’t pretend that Mick Malthouse is breaking his record in round five when in actual fact he breaks it in round four. McHale did not coach Collingwood in the 1930 grand final due to illness."