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Top 50 prospects for 2016 AFL Draft – 26-50


Draft night is nearly here, so below we present our final Big Board rankings before the 2016 AFL Draft to be held on November 25 in Sydney.

Today, we reveal the players we have ranked 26-50 based on their AFL potential, including our own analysis, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, test results and comments from those who know the players best – their coaches and talent managers.

Reminder: The Big Board is not a prediction of where players will be drafted, only where I have them ranked as prospects.

26. Brennan COX

Ht: 192.6cm | Wt: 91.6kg | Key Defender | Woodville-West Torrens

Cox made the South Australian under-20 basketball squad this year and shows good hands and body positioning in marking contests. He reads play well with the ball in the air and has proven to be a strong defensive interceptor. He can get involved in transition from the back and has even played forward and kicked goals but his kicking needs to be cleaned up, as he tends to pop the ball too often. Athletically, he has good timed speed but doesn’t always translate on gameday and his workrate is an area he needs to work on.

Strengths: athleticism, marking, reading of play.

Needs to improve: intensity, consistency, work-rate.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint (secs) – 26.71. 20m Sprint (secs) – 3.05. Agility (secs) – 8.66. Beep Test (level) – 13.5. 3km Time Trial (min:secs) – 10:56.

Draft range: 20-30.

What they say: “A superb athlete with a great vertical leap so he’s got those attributes but for him the trick will be showing and using those attributes more consistently. Got some upside but intensity for his size needs more development.” – Woodville-West Torrens talent manager Darren Hams.

27. Josh BATTLE

Ht: 192.0cm | Wt: 88.5kg | Key Forward | Dandenong Stingrays

He might not be the ideal height for the modern-day key forward, but what Battle lacks in centimetres, he makes up with footy smarts, marking strength and straight kicking. He needs to work on his agility as he is a bit of a straight-line runner, but has superb workrate in the front half and demonstrates AFL level leading patterns. He is still completing Year 11 at Haileybury, so will need to decide whether to continue his studies next year in some way, or focus solely on his footy.

Strengths: marking, endurance, goal sense, kicking.

Needs to improve: ground balls, agility.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 27.00. 20m Sprint – 3.08. Agility – 9.07. Beep Test – 13.7. 3km TT – 10:07.

Draft range: 18-30.

What they say: “Josh is a tall forward with elite running capabilities. At the next level he’ll be a third forward who will work over his opponent. Very professional off the field – an AFL player in the making.” – Dandenong Stingrays talent manager Mark Wheeler.

28. Willem DREW

Ht: 188.0cm | Wt: 79.3kg | Inside Midfielder | North Ballarat Rebels

Having played senior footy at Koroit since he was 15, the crash and bash elements of the game in midfield don’t phase Drew. He is extremely good at winning contested ball and is excellent at stoppages, but he does have a tendency to just bang the ball out by foot without spotting up a target (his field-kicking can be cleaner as well). While he isn’t an athletic beast – his first few steps are below average, he spreads well enough from the contest and possesses good vision and clean hands.

Strengths: contested ball, endurance, clean hands.

Needs to improve: early speed, kicking consistency.

Injuries: Hamstring in September.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – 8.67. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – 10:08.

Draft range: 25-50.

What they say: “Has been one of our most consistent players all year with his ability to win the contested ball at TAC level. He has played in the last three senior premierships for Koroit and this year was named best on ground in their Grand Final.” – North Ballarat Rebels talent manager Phil Partington.

29. Harrison MACREADIE

Ht: 195.5cm | Wt: 90.9kg | Utility | Henty/GWS Academy

Rated as a top-three prospect at the start of the year, the fall of Macreadie is one of the more curious cases in recent years. As a bottom-ager, he showed outstanding composure in defence and was able to read the play extremely well. He has been inconsistent with his competitiveness, but that might be due to a lack of confidence and he wasn’t able to settle into one position. He was pushed up onto wing at times and even went into centre bounces. Some of his games at the back half of the year in the NEAFL with UWS were better however.

Strengths: composure, versatility, reading of play.

Needs to improve: strength, consistency, urgency.

Injuries: Quad in September – didn’t test at combine.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 25-45.

What they say: “Long-term I think he’s a midfielder but has shown great composure playing down back last year as a 17-year-old. He moved to Kings School in Sydney from Henty, which shows his maturity and he has done well there.” – NSW/ACT head of talent Darren Denneman.

30. Jordan GALLUCCI

Ht: 180.0cm | Wt: 77.5kg | Small Defender | Eastern Ranges

No one can question the physical intangibles that Gallucci brings to the table. He has great acceleration, agility, has a super vertical leap and a good endurance base. He’s played a variety of roles with the Ranges, AFL Academy and at Vic Metro, but projects best as a small defender at next level. His decision-making and foot skills under pressure can be inconsistent, and his finishing ¬– both at goal and delivering inside 50 – can run hot and cold. Ultimately, he has tricks, but will need to work hard on his deficiencies too.

Strengths: speed, agility, athleticism.

Needs to improve: kicking inside 50, finishing.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 24.36. 20m Sprint – 2.96. Agility – 8.89. Beep Test – 14.5. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 11-30.

What they say: “Jordy’s as good of an athlete as Andy McGrath – could be even better as an all-rounder and he could be the best athlete I’ve seen come through a TAC Cup system. I think he’s played his best footy behind the footy at this stage.” – Eastern Ranges talent manager Len Villani.

31. Joe ATLEY

Ht: 185.6cm | Wt: 83.3kg | Inside Midfielder | Bendigo Pioneers

Atley is a different type of player to his brother Shaun, who is more of an athlete. He is more of an inside midfielder who excels around stoppages with his ability to get his hands on the ball first, break tackles and feed it out to runners. At times he shown excellent power and burst away from the contest, but can rush his disposal and he is still a work-in-progress when it comes to spreading on the outside to win easy ball. If he can add more of an outside game, he becomes a much better prospect.

Strengths: power, contested ball, unselfishness, tackling.

Needs to improve: decision-making, kicking penetration.

Injuries: Concussion in June.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.17. 20m Sprint – 3.06. Agility – 8.44. Beep Test – 14.1. 3km TT – 10:43.

Draft range: 25-40.

What they say: “Joe is the brother of North Melbourne’s Shaun and he’s a terrific leader with a great ability to win the ball inside the contest. Really worked to develop his outside game as well this season. I can see him playing across half-back to start but can work his way into the midfield down the track.” – Bendigo Pioneers coach Brett Henderson.

32. Sam WALKER

Ht: 185.1cm | Wt: 79.2kg | Medium Defender | Glenelg

Walker isn’t the most athletic player in this draft pool, but still brings a lot to the table as a rebounding defender. A former hockey player, he is a lovely left foot kick out of the back half – with good penetration. In contests he usually keeps his feet and shows courage when backing back in marking contests. Some clubs will mark him down due to his speed, but he knows his game well as he cuts the angles smartly in defensive situations.

Strengths: rebound, kicking, courage.

Needs to improve: strength, speed, agility.

Injuries: Foot stress fracture in January.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.83. 20m Sprint – 3.09. Agility – 8.83. Beep Test – 14.1. 3km TT – 10:20.

Draft range: 35-50.

What they say: “Sam is a running half-back with an ability to create something from defence. Played on Will Hayward in the under-18 Grand Final and after conceding a few early goals he played really well for us.” – Glenelg senior coach Matt Lokan.

33. Harry MORRISON

Ht: 181.5cm | Wt: 77.6kg | Medium Defender | Murray Bushrangers

‘Steady’ is the best way to describe Morrision, who hails from Benalla. He has played mostly across half back in his time with the Bushrangers, with a few stints on a wing. He sees the game develop in front of him well and is a reliable ball user and decision maker. Defensively, he is good in one-on-one contests as he reads the ball in flight and at ground level quicker than his opponent. Athletically, he isn’t overly quick but runs well and can spread when playing higher up the ground. He is someone that goes about his business with little fanfare, but should play plenty of high-quality footy at the next level.

Strengths: playmaking, kicking, decision-making, clean hands.

Needs to improve: speed.

Injuries: Knee reconstruction 2014. Lower back in May/June.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.07. 20m Sprint – 3.10. Agility – 8.26. Beep Test – 14.12. 3km TT – 10:12.

Draft range: 30-50.

What they say: “Harry has had some injuries but he’s a player we really like. Elite kick of the ball, elite decision maker and brings others into the game superbly well playing off half-back or through the wing. Good one-touch player who has enormous upside.” – Murray Bushrangers talent manager Lee Fraser.

34. Josh BEGLEY

Ht: 185.5cm | Wt: 96.1kg | Medium Forward | Eastern Ranges

First and foremost, Begley is a powerful athlete. His transition from deep forward to part-time midfielder in the space of 12 weeks shows that he is not only adaptable, but also driven, yet still a way off reaching his full potential. While he is still more of a forward than a midfielder at this stage, he shows good vision and smarts at stoppages, as well as good vision to hit a target under pressure. In attack he possesses good goal sense and rarely goes to ground when tackled, or in marking contests. In a full-time program, he should flourish.

Strengths: power, marking, goal sense, touch.

Needs to improve: conditioning.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.85. 20m Sprint – 3.01. Agility – 8.58. Beep Test – 13.8. 3km TT – 10:39.

Draft range: 30-45.

What they say: “We put it on him about three or four weeks into his year because we realised his not a one-trick pony as a stay-at-home goalsquare-type, and had a few more tricks than that. He has beautiful feel around the stoppages, really dynamic player and just powerful.” – Eastern Ranges talent manager Len Villani.


35. Patrick KERR

Ht: 193.4cm | Wt: 93.2kg | Key Forward | Oakleigh Chargers

At times this year, Kerr looked to be the best tall forward in the draft and a possible first-round selection. His performances at the national championships were strong, and showed improved agility and cleaner hands below his knees at ground level. Aerially he has a strong pair of hands and is generally a good kick for goal ¬– although his conversion rate dropped off less year compared with 2015. His form in the second half of the year was pretty disappointing however and a lack of athleticism is a concern. He is best suited some out of the goalsquare but will need to adapt his game at the next level, allowing him to get up and down the ground in transition.

Strengths: strong hands, kicking.

Needs to improve: agility, versatility, speed.

Injuries: Finger in August.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.26. 20m Sprint – 3.03. Agility – 9.01. Beep Test – 13.3. 3km TT – 11:06.

Draft range: 19-40.

What they say: “Patty suffered in terms of what he was able to do this year because of school cricket commitments. If we had him for the entire year we were keen to get him up the ground and play him as our third tall forward. He has a terrific set of hands but we probably didn’t help him with the delivery.” – Oakleigh Chargers talent manager Craig Notman.

36. Kobe MUTCH

Ht: 186.1cm | Wt: 83.6kg | Outside Midfielder | Bendigo Pioneers/GWS Academy

It is unlikely that GWS will match a bid on the Bendigo ball-winner, meaning that he is up for grabs to all other 17 clubs. A big ball-winner, Mutch is a superb endurance athlete that will run all day and keep winning the ball deep into the final term. He is still developing his inside game but isn’t super polished on outside at this stage – he doesn’t hurt the opposition like he should. In many ways, he is a similar prospect what former Port Adelaide midfielder Kane Cornes was at the same age.

Strengths: ball winning, work rate, leadership.

Needs to improve: refining talent, agility, speed.

Injuries: Foot tendon in August.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – 3.19. Agility – 8.98. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – 10:15.

Draft range: 20-35.

What they say: “A huge accumulator of the ball. Does everything pretty well but it would be a big bonus for him if he could add another dimension to enhance his impact on games. In saying that he’s an outstanding talent who I expect to play 200 games of AFL football.” Bendigo Pioneers coach Brett Henderson.

37. Brad SCHEER

Ht: 183.2cm | Wt: 83.7kg | Inside Midfielder | Palm Beach Currumbin/Gold Coast Academy

An absolute physical inside bull. That’s what the Gold Coast Suns academy prospect brings to the table. He’s not overly quick, but is a strong tackler and can push forward to hit the scoreboard. At times, his decision-making can lack instinctiveness and nous, and his kicking can improve but as a pure inside midfielder who gets his hands on the ball in tight and can get it going forward, he has the ideal profile.

Strengths: contested ball, strength, competitiveness.

Needs to improve: spread, conditioning.

Injuries: Heel in September – didn't test at combine.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 18-40.

What they say: “A brute inside midfielder who can shake a tackle. He’s a big game player and every time there is a big game, he will rise to the occasion and he is a genuine game day player – as a coach you love those types of players.” – Queensland high performance coach Adrian Fletcher.

38. Jack GRAHAM

Ht: 180.3cm | Wt: 81.1kg | Inside Midfielder | North Adelaide

A strong-bodied midfielder, the 2016 Larke Medallist is an intriguing prospect. is a good two-way worker and spreads well enough from the contest. He positions himself well at stoppages and helps to organise teammates, which demonstrates his leadership qualities. In some ways he got by at times thanks to his size and physicality at under 18 level, but due to injuries (which are a worry), wasn’t able to play any league football this year with the Roosters. His dad Jeff played with West Torrens and Woodville in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Strengths: tenacity, work-rate, ball winning.

Needs to improve: kicking, injuries.

Injuries: Quad in 2015. Quad in August – didn't test at combine.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 20-40.

What they say: “A hard working midfielder who pushes himself to the contest throughout a game and is relentless in pursuit of the ball. Played reserves for us this year but has played a senior game despite the injury.” – North Adelaide football development manager Neil Sanders.

39. Bailey MORRISH

Ht: 185.9cm | Wt: 80.7kg | Hybrid Defender | Dandenong Stingrays

Morrish is very much a progressive prospect who will continue to develop his game in the years to come. He is a lovely left foot kick and very athletic. At the Stingrays he played on opponents much taller this year and done decent jobs – this in part to his marking strength behind the ball. At his size, you would like him to get the ball in his hands more than he has done but he did push into midfield late in year at stages and didn’t look totally out of place. His dad, Paul, played 30-odd games with Richmond, Essendon and Fitzroy in the late 1980s, early 90s.

Strengths: kicking, play reading, marking.

Needs to improve: opposite side.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 24.83. 20m Sprint – 2.93. Agility – 8.54. Beep Test – 12.4. 3km TT – 11:37.

Draft range: 30-50.

What they say: “Bailey is an elite kick, with a great understanding of the game who reads the ball in the air really well. Long strides with the ability to find a gap, breaks the lines and uses left foot extremely well.” – Dandenong Stingrays talent manager Mark Wheeler.


40. Zac FISHER

DOB: 15/6/98 | Ht: 175.2cm | Wt: 70.3 | Perth | Small Midfielder.

The small left-footed midfielder knows how to find the ball – not matter the level that he’s playing at. He made some big strides in the back half of 2015 with Perth in the Colts competition and hit the ground running this year before playing most of the year in the Demons league team, where he didn’t look out of place. As a midfielder, he hunts the ball both inside and outside the contest and shows good energy but can be cleaner with his hands on ground balls. Size will be a concern, but as Lachie Neale has shown, its not a roadblock.

Strengths: awareness, playmaking.

Needs to improve: size.

Injuries: Fractured wrist in August.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.31. 20m Sprint – 3.03. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – 12.7. 3km TT – 10:58

Draft range: 35-45.

What they say: “Over summer we decided to put him straight into senior training and he played from Round 2 and was just amazing. Finds the ball inside but can grab it on the outside and at AFL level he’ll probably play forward but eventually will move into the midfield.” – Perth football operations manager Tyson Beattie.


Ht: 196.1cm | Wt: 89.2kg | Key Defender/Forward | Redland

The brother of GWS defender Harry is an aggressive, versatile prospect who can play either end of the ground, but I feel he is better suited in defence. He has good size and athleticism but can tidy up his kicking. He missed the second half of the season after suffering a broken leg during the national championships. Despite being part of the Lions academy, he is ineligible to be selected having only moved to Queensland this year from Wagga, where also played a fair bit of cricket – as a spin bowler.

Strengths: size, athleticism, versatility, aggression.

Needs to improve: decision-making, ball use.

Injuries: Broken leg in June – didn’t test at combine.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 25-45.

What they say: “Elliot is a good kick for goal and has real aggression when he crunches and spoils the packs. He can play at both ends and if he keeps on growing, he might be able to pinch hit in the ruck. We have really high hopes for him and might go somewhere from the mid-20s.” – Queensland high performance coach Adrian Fletcher.

42. Dylan CLARKE

Ht: 185.7cm | Wt: 83.4kg | Inside Midfielder | Eastern Ranges

Clarke is an inside bull. His work around the stoppages is very good and he can take a mark in a pack, but it is his ability to extract the ball from contested situations that is his ‘one-wood’. On the outside, he runs very well – just like his brother Ryan, but the one thing that holds him back from being much, much higher on this list, and a first-round pick, is his kicking. Clarke kicks the ball a bit like former Sydney skipper Brett Kirk, but to be fair, he does understand his limitations well enough and won’t try to hit targets that more accomplished players do.

Strengths: competitiveness, size, diligence.

Needs to improve: kicking.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.04. 20m Sprint – 3.11. Agility – 8.75. Beep Test – 14.12. 3km TT – 9:52.

Draft range: 25-45.

What they say: “Just a competitive, inside animal with a beautiful feel for the game around stoppages, and ability to win his own footy inside. Can play different roles as well, he’s done some really good stoppage and stopping roles. I guess the knock on him might be his kicking.” – Eastern Ranges talent manager Len Villani.

43. Callum BROWN

Ht: 177.0cm | Wt: 72.2kg | Inside Midfielder | Eastern Ranges

The apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree when it comes to the son of former Magpie great, Gavin. He is as brave as they come inside the contest for his size and wins more than his fair share of contested ball. As shown in the national championships, he can slip under the radar and pick up big possession numbers and generally uses each one well. He does lack a yard of pace and his kicking has its limitations, but he knows his game very well and has genuine footy smarts.

Strengths: courage, ball-winning, smarts.

Needs to improve: size, strength.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.85. 20m Sprint – 3.09. Agility – 8.44. Beep Test – 14.2. 3km TT – 10:47.

Draft range: 30-45.

What they say: “He’s as clean below his knees as I’ve seen – he’s very much Caleb Daniel like as well in terms of doesn’t waste his possessions. His probably a 15 to 30m player in terms of his kicking at this stage, but as he continues to develop that power in his legs, he’ll get better in that regard.” – Eastern Ranges talent manager Len Villani.

44. Kym LEBOIS

Ht: 172.5cm | Wt: 67.5kg | Small Forward | North Adelaide

Started the year as the best draft prospect from South Australia, but played much of the year with his knee taped up so was hampered with his movements to a degree, and his form suffered as a result. When up and running, he has a stylish left foot through midfield and in the attacking half. He has good vision, anticipation and goal sense and is generally clean below his knees. There were a few moments where he showed amazing lateral agility but he does need to find the ball more to be more effective and threatening to the opposition.

Strengths: goal sense, endurance, vision.

Needs to improve: contested ball, versatility.

Injuries: Knee tendonitis in June/July.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.08. 20m Sprint – 2.96. Agility – 8.51. Beep Test – 13.6. 3km TT – 10:50.

Draft range: 30-50.

What they say:A left-footer with good goal sense he’s also got a good work-rate both ways. Plays as a small forward and can find the goals.” – North Adelaide football development manager Neil Sanders.

45. Jack MAIBAUM

Ht: 191.9cm | Wt: 91.0kg | Key Defender | Eastern Ranges

As a genuine stopper, there are none better in this draft than the Eastern Ranges backman. He boasts a strong body and reads the ball very well in the air to outmanoeuvre his opponent. Athletically, he is a bit better than some may give him credit for and possesses good speed. The task for him is to start winning more of his own ball in the back half and get involved more often in attacking transition – at times he can be too focussed on stopping his opponent, but I feel he has the ability to improve this are of his game at the next level.

Strengths: physicality, concentration, defensive skills.

Needs to improve: attacking game.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.39. 20m Sprint – 3.01. – 8.19. Beep Test – 12.8. 3km TT – 11:04.

Draft range: 25-50.

What they say: “He’s done some massive jobs this year and last year as well. His coming of age was against Murray last year – Josh Schache was killing Kane Keppel first half, we put Jack on him and he didn’t get another touch. He is just a big, competitive brute.” – Eastern Ranges talent manager Len Villani.

46. Myles POHOLKE

Ht: 183.7cm | Wt: 81.9kg | Medium Forward | Dandenong Stingrays

In many ways, Poholke is a ready to go from day one. He has the strong body required to take the hits at AFL level already, is very strong overhead in marking contests and relishes the physical contest. On the flip side, the big question is, where does he play? At the moment he is best suited as a half forward who can go onball at AFL level, but if he can continue to work on his midfield craft and spread better from the contest, he could eventually be a full-time midfielder down the track.

Strengths: professionalism, aerobic capacity, one-on-one.

Needs to improve: polish.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.20. 20m Sprint – 2.98. Agility – 8.70. Beep Test – 14.1. 3km TT – 10:51.

Draft range: 35-50.

What they say: “Within six months of being added to Stingrays program he was given an AFL Academy spot and has become a true professional in his preparation and on-field goal setting. Should play in 2017 if taken plus has the nous and ready-made body to handle to heat.” – Dandenong Stingrays talent manager Mark Wheeler.

47. Corey LYONS

Ht: 180.5cm | Wt: 77.1kg | Hybrid Midfielder | Sandringham Dragons

Lyons lacks that bit of class and speed that some of the top prospects possess, but he is one of the hard workers in this draft pool and makes up for any deficiencies with his nous. He pops up very well in holes, especially through the corridor with little hook runs, spreads well from the contest and he has kicked big goals when required. His kicking needs improvement – too often his passes fall at the feet of their intended target, but like his brother Jarryd (now at Gold Coast), he finds a way to impact games through midfield.

Strengths: smarts, work ethic, leadership.

Needs to improve: kicking, speed.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.52. 20m Sprint – 3.07. Agility – 8.79. Beep Test – 13.4. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 40-60.

What they say: “A true footballer in every sense of the word. He really understands the game and can break it down and talk about the tactics and the structure of it. He’s not quick but if you are footy smart like he is, you get there a bit quicker.” – Sandringham Dragons talent manager Ryan O’Connor.

48. Kayle KIRBY

Ht: 181.1cm | Wt: 96.0kg | Medium Forward | Bendigo Pioneers

First and foremost, Kirby hits like a truck – just ask Western Australian midfielder Liam Baker, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time during their clash in the national championships at Subiaco. He is a Byron Pickett-type, who relishes the physical aspects of the game, but also has great instincts around goal – he kicked 47 majors for Tyntynder seniors in 2015. Athletically, he has plenty of work to do – his second efforts and work rate are poor and he need to work on his conditioning. That said, he is a talented, intriguing prospect.

Strengths: impact, physicality, goal sense.

Needs to improve: endurance, conditioning, agility.

Injuries: Hip flexor in June. Back stiffness at state combine.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 26.68. 20m Sprint – 3.05. Agility – 8.90. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 40+.

What they say: “Kayle is an excitement machine. He’s got some real x-factor, deadly accurate around goals, dangerous whenever he gets the ball and he’s physically intimidating. He’s only been playing football for three or four years so the upside is enormous.” – Bendigo Pioneers coach Brett Henderson.

49. Josh DAICOS

Ht: 177.8cm | Wt: 72.2kg | Small Forward | Oakleigh Chargers

Daicos may be the most polarising player in this year’s draft. On one hand he is extremely smart in traffic, where he shows above average agility and when forward he has good hands on lead and knows where the goals are. However, he has shown a propensity to be lazy and drift in and out of games, relying more on talent than work ethic – especially in the second half of the year, when his form dropped right away. He has also developed a bad habit of not having momentum through ball on his set shots, which leads to a lack of penetration.

Strengths: agility, smarts, goal sense.

Needs to improve: work ethic, consistency.

Injuries: Fractured wrist in May.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – N/A. 20m Sprint – N/A. Agility – N/A. Beep Test – N/A. 3km TT – N/A.

Draft range: 35-60.

What they say: “He peaked around the championships and we were probably a little disappointed with the end of his season. There are a lot of similarities with his dad – great goal sense and footy brain with the way he sees the game.” – Oakleigh Chargers talent manager Craig Notman.

50. Isaac CUMMING

Ht: 184.2cm | Wt: 73.8kg | Medium Defender | North Adelaide/GWS Academy

A quick, rebounding defender who possesses an ideal athletic profile for a modern day defender/midfielder. He split his time between North Adelaide (under-18s and reserves), NSW/ACT Rams and UWS Giants in the NEAFL. He hasn’t been a big ball-winner out of the back half at any level, but he put up good numbers in his one SANFL under-18 outing with the Roosters. He needs to win more contested ball and his kicking, whilst more than adequate, still requires some refinement, especially under pressure.

Strengths: efficiency, athleticism.

Needs to improve: ball-winning.

Injuries: None.

Combine test results: Repeat Sprint – 25.57. 20m Sprint – 2.96. Agility – 8.52. Beep Test – 14.3. 3km TT – 10:31.

Draft range: 30-50.

What they say: “Isaac is a lad from Broken Hill who played a couple of games for us. He is a real smooth mover, good kick and plays wing/half forward or half back. His kicking is what sets him apart and he’s a very smart footballer.” – North Adelaide football development manager Neil Sanders.

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