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Today on SEN | Friday 17 February 2017


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Garry, Tim and Hamish – 6am-9am

6.10 – Intro and chat on JLT Series

6.32 – McClure Report

  • Jack Steele
  • Wenger under pressure
  • Bouchard taking date to the basketball

6.49 – Mick Price

  • Festival of racing

7.10 – Tim Watson

  • Going Bald
  • Essendon showed they will be a lot more potent in the forward line in 2017
  • Sidebottom still a star
  • He kicks the ball and makes the forwards get to the space
  • We saw last night how important Jamie Elliot is going to be for the Pies

7.30 – Mark Harvey

  • Good to see the guys running around again
  • We left a lot of players off the ground in the second half and didn’t play any of our strategies last night
  • We need to move the players into ¾ and full time games in the build up
  • Green is a lively little fella – great character to have around the place
  • Tim was really concerned about how much hair he had in his playing days
  • Regrets how much colour he ran with back in the day
  • He would have given Eugenie a pillow on the first date

7.40 – Bob Murphy

  • Nat Fyfe’s hair is too long
  • Nothing wrong with his pipes though
  • I Feel like a new recruit
  • I’m going straight into the trenches – attacking and defending from half back
  • All the supporters want to see me and Jesse going one on one in the square
  • No presents required on a first date

8.26 – Tom Phillips

  • It was really just about getting the run under the belt
  • I wanted to show my best and earn respect within the club
  • We need to concentrate on meshing as a team and nail the game plan
  • Sinclair to get scans today
  • Not quite sure what the severity is

8.34 – Emma Quayle

  • Will miss writing for the paper
  • I didn’t factor being a trailblazer in the role
  • I just wanted to do the job
  • There’s no reason more women can’t do the role
  • I’ll do a bit of all areas to start with
  • I like to think I could help with interviewing players to get background on them
  • It will be watching footy in a different way – I’ll have to watch with a critical eye rather than bringing as much information as a can in the paper


  • The week in review – Leading teams style

Hungry for Sport – 9am-12pm

9.07: KB’s Take

  • Collingwood / Essendon showed good signs last night

9.09 – 10.00: Michael Gleeson; The Age

  • Good signs from both sides last night
  • Some of the players that impressed
  • New players being wheeled out for their new teams last night
  • Rodney Eade's comments on zones in the game

10.07 – 11.00: Friday Sports Chat with Neil Balme and Brian Waldron

  • JLT series kicked off last night
  • Richmond intra-club match yesterday
  • Jack Riewoldt playing closer to goal this year
  • Some of the young talent the Tigers have in their side

11.07 – 12.00: Jason Richardson; Off to the Races

  • KB calling him Jason Richarson, no D - it’s a silent
  • Big Bash winning best sports coverage over the Olympics for 2016
  • Tips for Flemington tomorrow
  • The Everest race in Sydney

Afternoons – 12pm-3pm

12:09-12:16; Brett Anderson; SEN Inside Football

  • I think both supporters can take something from last night (12:09)
  • Clubs like to follow the leader, so Essendon has rolled out a smaller forward line (12:10)
  • The Bombers found some gems last season, such as Orazio Fantasia (12:12)
  • Darcy Parish has support now, so that’ll help him (12:12)
  • Tom Phillips and Jordan De Goey looked really good last night (12:14)
  • Collingwood’s kicking skills will be really important if they move back to a zone defence (12:15)
  • Lynden Dunn’s kicking skills and ability to recover will be important for the Pies (12:15)
  • Tom Phillips can run all day and he will add some depth in the midfield (12:16)

12:23-12:27; Steve Hooker

  • At the Simplot Games watching the young Aussies go to work (12:23)
  • Simplot Games are a huge high school athletics meet (12:24)
  • This is the third year Maribyrnong has sent a team across (12:24)
  • Some of the rising athletes to keep an eye on at the Simplot Games (12:25)
  • Other Olympic legends the students will meet while they’re at the Simplot Games (12:26)
  • Nitro Athletics was such a great initiative (12:27)
  • Nitro actually meant something to the athletes that were competing (12:27)

12:33-12:36; Brett Phillips; SEN Tennis Expert

  • Explaining the Pat Rafter news and what’s happened (12:33)
  • Craig Tiley update (12:35)

12:36-12:41; Wally Masur; High Performance Manager Tennis Australia

  • Replacing Pat Rafter
  • He has known Pat for a long time
  • How the change came about
  • What it takes to train and build up these younger players (12:37)
  • Kyrgios and Tomic (12:41)

12:41-12:46; Matt Logue; The Daily Telegraph

  • The Kieran Foran/Rebecca Wilson story
  • The backstory of Foran, with all the off-field issues he has had (12:42)
  • Foran’s whole career has fallen off (12:43)
  • There are more questions than answers at the moment (12:44)

12:50-12:55; Tom Morris; Fox Sports Cricket Expert

  • Looking ahead to tonight’s Australia/Sri Lanka T20 (12:51)
  • Michael Klinger (12:52)
  • Klinger deserves it (12:53)
  • Using the DRS in the Indian test (12:54)

12:55-1:00; Clint Bolton; SEN A-League expert

  • The Melbourne City/Wellington Phoenix match is the toughest one to pick this week (12:56)
  • Time is running out for City, they need to figure things out (12:56)
  • I liked what City did last week by going into the youth team and playing them, as opposed to shuffling the first team players into makeshift spots (12:57)
  • Thomas Sorenson going back in goals was a must (12:57)
  • Victory are in far from compelling form (12:58)
  • This is just a normal dip in the season for Victory (12:58)
  • Who would bet against Sydney FC, especially against Western Sydney (12:59)

1:00-2:00; Nick Dal Santo

  • I really enjoyed my time in the commentary box last night (1:08)
  • Nick’s transition – it’s been different not playing anymore (1:09)
  • He doesn’t miss Monday’s after a defeat (1:10)
  • Collingwood and Essendon both had moments last night (1:12)
  • I was heartbroken for Ben Sinclair (1:13)
  • I loved how Andy McGrath looked and his composure (1:14)
  • Will Hoskin-Elliott will give the Pies a new avenue to goal (1:16)
  • Tom Phillips (1:17)
  • Fantasia doesn’t lack confidence and he looked good (1:19)
  • Josh Battle (1:28)
  • It’s a big year for Jack Billings (1:28)
  • North Melbourne’s preseason scuffles (1:30)
  • Drew Petire will add a lot to West Coast that people won’t see (1:32)
  • Drew’s work rate is terrific (1:32)
  • It’ll be a huge challenge for North to replace Drew (1:34)
  • What to look for with Geelong and Hawthorn tonight (1:40)
  • Jarryd Roughead captaincy is brilliant (1:42)
  • Hawthorn has a plan, so watch this space (1:44)
  • Bulldogs are a chance to miss the finals (1:53)
  • Melbourne’s prospects (1:55)

2:25-3:00; The Weeklies with Bianca Chatfield and Dave Davutovic

  • The marketing behind the Super Netball comp (2:26)
  • Previewing the Magpies and Vixens game (2:27)
  • All women’s sports need to embrace and come together (2:30)
  • Jacynta Galabadaarachchi (2:31)
  • The German anthem stuff up at the Fed Cup (2:41)
  • Beach soccer (2:45)
  • Beach netball has also became a sport over summer (2:46)
  • Eugenie Bouchard’s date (2:53)
  • Celebrity dates (2:54)
  • Getting stuck on a cruise ship (2:57)

The Run Home – 3pm-7pm

3:08 – Intro and chat

  • The phones lines have been down but are now back up
  • Report Kevin Muscat could be off to Rangers

3:14 – The Launch Pad

  • Wash-up from last night
  • Ox: Jobe Watson looks the fittest and most refreshed I’ve seen him – he could win the Brownlow
  • Beach soccer wanting a seat at the FFA table

3:40 – Danny Gorog – Tech expert

  • Explained the AFL app situation
  • It’s a rights issue, not a technical issue
  • It’s a strong-arm from Fox Sports and Channel 7 as people move more digitally

4:10 – Danny Frawley

  • Preview of tonight’s game
  • Roughy and O’Meara
  • Pies – people can’t afford to take them lightly this year
  • Patty McCartin has the best hands in the comp

4:44 – Golf for Flogs

5:10 – Soapbox

5:28 – Blow Your Own Trumpet

5:56 – Mark Hayes – Australian Open update

6:10 – Get Nicked

6:28 – Darren Berry – T20 preview

  • Scheduling is a concern
  • Has given opportunities
  • At least four in the Test squad are walk up starts to this T20 side

6:43 – 7:00 – David Gately’s best bets

  • Also was joined by Joe Pride – Trainer of Terra Vista

Evenings with Finey – 7pm-12am

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