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KB's Take | Put a black line through Eagles 2006 flag


The Herald Sun story by Michael Warner today published a 2008 investigation report by Victorian supreme court judge William Gillard.

The report was from nine years ago.

Many of the drug and behavioural allegations we have heard over the years, like the judge speaking about Eagles player Chad Fletcher flat-lining in Las Vegas; Daniel Kerr and a prescription for 50 Valium pills; and of course many stories circulating Ben Cousins and other team mates.

In judge Gillard’s report he alleges drugs such as ice, ecstasy, speed and marijuana were abused by some players.

Those most hurt by today’s Herald Sun story are now Essendon coach John Worsfold then the coach of the Eagles and CEO of West Coast, Trevor Nisbett, as clearly judge Gillard felt they did not act strongly enough on compelling evidence.

With what we’ve known in the past and observed with news stories over the years regarding troubled times for West Coast Eagles players, I’ve had an asterisk next to their 2006 premiership win.

After reading judge Gillard’s report today I’m taking away the asterisk and putting in a black line through that flag.

I’m KB, that’s my take.

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