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KB's Take | Are there too many injuries in women's footy?


AFLW footy was a roaring success this year.

Its popularity surprised most footy fans and we even saw a lockout in the opening game between Carlton and Collingwood.

I said it at the time women’s footy would crush other female traditional sports in time like basketball, netball, hockey and softball and become the number one sport for girls.

Yesterday I raised the question regarding injuries to female players.

My local under 16 girls team in its first season of competition has had an ambulance called to their past 6 games and there’s been some serious injuries.

Talkback callers yesterday told me of similar stories such as five ambulances in seven games, triple zero calls have trebled with injured girls and hospital casualty wards on the weekends are filled with girls in footy jumpers.

It’s a reasonable question to ask, is the game just too physical for the female body and will parents lose their enthusiasm for their daughters to play such a physical contact game and will serious injuries send girls back to traditional sports?

I think that might be the case.

I’m KB, that’s my take.

AFLW Kevin Bartlett

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