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Richmond would be filthy with KB: Robbo


Mark Robinson says Kevin Bartlett’s vocal campaign to have Richmond wear their traditional jumper in a potential Grand Final against Adelaide is not a joke, and that the club would be furious with the Tigers great.

The five-time premiership champion and SEN Hungry for Sport host has openly criticised the possibility of Richmond wearing their clash strip in the Grand Final should they win their preliminary final and face off against the Crows.

Despite Bartlett’s long history of being jokingly confident of of his former club's success, the Herald Sun chief football writer says this latest push is serious, and one that Tigers officials would be angered by.

“I reckon Richmond would be filthy with KB,” Robinson told SEN’s The Run Home.

“You’re perhaps getting ahead of yourself because we’re talking about what we’re going to wear in a Grand Final.

“He is building up something which is yes important, but it’s not important yet. It’s just all psychological.

“This is not a joke. The AFL have already had to come out and address something that they didn’t have to address because KB has put it on the agenda and has gone on with it so much.

“I would hazard a guess that Richmond officials would be saying ‘Shush KB, shut up.’ You’re not there yet…it is setting up the fans for an almighty fall.”

Robinson is adamant that Richmond would be forced to wear their clash jumper should they defeat the GWS Giants this weekend and Adelaide manage to overcome Geelong, criticising the possibility of a coin toss deciding what the teams would wear, which was touted by AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan yesterday.

“For Gill to come out and say that we might have a coin toss, it might as well be rock, scissors and paper,” he said.

“Adelaide gets choice because they finished on top of the ladder. It’s their privilege.”

He also considers the impact of Bartlett’s campaign would negatively affect Richmond on Grand Final day should it fail.

“If Richmond have to wear their clash strip, it will be a psychological negative…they are going to be denied something they want to do,” the journalist said.

However David Schwarz disagreed, believing the Tigers players and supporters would be happy taking part in the premiership decider no matter what they have to wear.

“They wouldn’t give a stuff if they had to wear speedos and a cowboy hat, I just reckon they would be bloody pleased to make it,” he said.

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