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“It’s ridiculous”: KB responds to Robbo’s clash jumper attack


Kevin Bartlett has dismissed Mark Robinson’s belief that Richmond would be upset at the Tiger great’s push to have his former side wear their traditional jumper in lieu of a jumper clash against Adelaide in a potential Grand Final.

Robinson yesterday told SEN’s The Run Home that he believed Richmond officials would be furious at Bartlett for his latest campaign, and says that the issue is not yet important for a side that is still to book their place in the Grand Final, calling it a tell-tale sign of getting ahead of yourself.

Bartlett today responded to the Herald Sun chief football writer on SEN’s Hungry For Sport, defending the importance of the Tigers avoiding wearing their clash strip and holding firm that he is not getting ahead of himself.

“It is important because when Richmond beats the Giants on Saturday, they’ll be into the Grand Final,” he said.

“Does it become important then Robbo? What happens then? Is Mark Robinson going to take up the cause and attack the AFL for stupidity in having clash jumpers?

“Someone has got to bring it to attention cause if you don’t, the AFL will just ride straight over the top of you with furphies.

“(AFL CEO) Gill McLachlan said that we don’t want to upset millions of people watching the game and we have got to be able to differentiate between the two sides and they won’t be able to. That’s rubbish.

“Some marketing goose three or four years ago who probably no longer works at the AFL probably came up with the idea that there might be a bit of a clash there.

“On TV the replay of the 1977 Grand Final between Collingwood and North Melbourne, not one person mentioned actually mentioned there was a clash between the jumpers. Blue and white vertical stripes playing black and white vertical stripes with black shorts and white shorts.

“There is no clash. It is a made up furphy. That’s not getting ahead of ourselves, I’m just stating a point. It’s ridiculous.”

Bartlett says his campaign is for the greater good of all Victorian sides for when they play their next Grand Final.

“It’s not just Richmond. I’m bringing up a topic that is important for Melbourne when they win a premiership. It’s important for St Kilda if they get through their next Grand Final and win a premiership. It’s important for Carlton, it’s important for Essendon,” said the five-time premiership champion.

“How would Essendon fans on Grand Final Day like to be running out with a red jumper and a black sash? That wouldn’t suit Essendon fans. If Carlton fans had to come out with a white jumper with CFC written on the front of it, that’s not the Carlton jumper.

“What I’m suggesting to the AFL is stop giving us all this rubbish about clash jumpers because sooner or later Essendon and all those great traditional clubs are going to be playing in Grand Finals and they want to play in their traditional jumpers.

“Don’t tell us that Essendon can’t play in their famous jumper or Carlton can’t play in their famous jumper or Melbourne because it is going to clash with someone.”

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