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Brett Anderson's 2017 AFL Mock Draft


The 2017 NAB AFL Draft is only days away, but the uncertainty surrounding who will go where is unlike any other year.

An open draft pool and clubs keeping their preferences extremely close to their chest isn’t a great mix when trying to compile a mock draft.

Most clubs will have the same names in, or around, the top 20 – just in slightly different orders. From there though, they say can you can throw a blanket – albeit a mighty large one – over well over 100 players for the next 50 or so picks. It’s that open.

As it stands today, Cam Rayner – despite concerns over his running – remains the likely pick for Brisbane, however come Friday night, if AFL chief Gillon McLachlan announces Andrew Brayshaw's name it wouldn't totally shock.

In some ways, the lack of certainty adds intrigue for fans on the night…after all, who really wants to know exactly what is going to take place with each pick anyway? There’s no fun in that!

So, here is how we are hearing things may fall...

If you have any draft-related questions, you can send me a tweet to @BAndersonSEN. The NAB AFL Draft will be broadcast LIVE on 1116 SEN on Friday, November 24 from 6:45pm AEDT.

1. Brisbane Lions

Cameron RAYNER
21-Oct-99 | 186.5cm | 87.2kg | Western Jets
In the end, the Lions stick to their guns and simply pick the highest rated player on their draft board. It is understood Chris Fagan and David Noble are big fans of Andrew Brayshaw, but Rayner is too talented to pass up. Forget his running, he's a forward first who is a match-winner.
Who else? Andrew Brayshaw

2. Fremantle

8-Jun-99 | 187.2cm | 85.2kg | Dandenong Stingrays
If the Lions nab Brayshaw at No.1, it appears likely that Fremantle would overlook Rayner in favor of Davies-Uniacke. He adds some class and versatility to their midfield group and should settle in well in Perth. Andrew Brayshaw would be a rough chance too.
Who else? Andrew Brayshaw

3. Carlton

Paddy DOW
16-Oct-99 | 185.4cm | 78.2kg | Bendigo Pioneers
Rayner is a chance here if things go differently at the very top, but Dow's speed and power will complement Patty Cripps, Matt Kennedy and Marc Murphy in midfield nicely. Some clubs would take him at No.1 if they had the pick. Adam Cerra has also been linked to the Blues.
Who else? Cameron Rayner, Adam Cerra

4. North Melbourne

7-Oct-99 | 186.3cm | 80.3kg | Eastern Ranges
North may have a hard time overlooking Brayshaw given his family links to the club if things fall this way, but Cerra is the better prospect and if not for a few injuries over the past 18 months, could have been a No.1 contender.
Who else? Andrew Brayshaw, Luke Davies-Uniacke

5. Fremantle

8-Nov-99 | 183.9cm | 81.7kg | Sandringham Dragons
Freo will have put some thought into taking the Sandringham Dragon at No.2 if the Lions don't take him, but having done their homework they think that it is more likely that he reaches their second pick than Davies-Uniacke. This is the earliest Jaidyn Stephenson could go, while Cerra is a chance too.
Who else? Jaidyn Stephenson, Adam Cerra, Aaron Naughton

6. Collingwood

25-Sep-99 | 191.9cm | 94.5kg | Glenelg
The Magpies could go a number of ways with their first selection but opt for the talented South Australian inb a real toss of the coin. If Brayshaw falls through he could be the man, while they'll also look long and hard at Jaidyn Stephenson and Aaron Naughton. They've also been linked to Nathan Murphy. The whisper that has been doing the rounds in recent days is that they could take Ed Richards – that would throw things into chaos!
Who else? Andrew Brayshaw, Aaron Naughton, Jaidyn Stephenson, Nathan Murphy, Ed Richards,

7. St Kilda

23-Oct-99 | 190.8cm | 82.5kg | Northern Knights
The Northern skipper and St Kilda has been possibly the steadiest link over the past few weeks in what is an unpredictable draft. He has speed, agility, lovely foot skills and is a great decision maker. He could play in all three zones of the ground.
Who else? Aiden Bonar, Hunter Clark, Darcy Fogarty, Jaidyn Stephenson

8. St Kilda

15-Jan-99 | 188.5cm | 75.4kg | Eastern Ranges
With their second pick, the Saints have a dilemma. Do they trust their doctor’s opinion on Stephenson's heart issues? They are one of the few clubs that attended his medical screen last week. If not, Clark and Bonar are right in the mix. They visited Fogarty and his family at his home in Lucindale recently too.
Who else? Aiden Bonar, Hunter Clark, Darcy Fogarty

9. Western Bulldogs

30-Nov-99 | 194.0cm | 85.0kg | Peel Thunder
The Dogs already have a few young tall defenders – and recruited Jackson Trengove – but some scouts think Lewis Young will eventually settle as a forward, while Kieran Collins is still a work in progress. Naughton steps in from day one and plays straight away.
Who else? Nick Coffield, Hunter Clark

10. Carlton

3-Jul-99 | 184.7cm | 78.1kg | Oakleigh Chargers
Having seen Sam Weideman in a Melbourne guernsey, watching a Richards pull on navy Blue will hurt Magpie fans. The Blues will hope Fogarty gets through and could look at Bonar, but are said to covet some speed and class on the outside. He's one of the bolters.
Who else? Darcy Fogarty, Lochie O'Brien, Aiden Bonar

11. GWS Giants

8-Mar-99 | 188.6cm | 86.5kg | Dandenong Stingrays
Bonar could already be gone (St Kilda a chance), but it is unlikely he gets past the Giants if things fall this way. With so much talent on their list, the can take the punt his knee will be fine. Oakleigh pair Jack Higgins and Ed Richards are others in GWS's sights as is Darcy Fogarty should he slip through.
Who else? Jack Higgins, Ed Richards, Darcy Fogarty

12. Adelaide

Hunter CLARK
26-Mar-99 | 186.1cm | 79.9kg | Dandenong Stingrays
Adelaide will sit and wait to see who gets through to them. Many expect that Fogarty doesn't get past them if available but Clark adds some depth, grunt and class to midfield. Oscar Allen's name has come up in the last few days but is that a fit?
Who else? Darcy Fogarty, Oscar Allen

13. West Coast Eagles

19-Mar-99 | 191.1cm | 82.4kg | West Perth
Nailing the Eagles pick is always a challenge. Allen makes sense given he is a local and fits a need with Josh Kennedy now 30, but they are also desperate for some outside run and class. That's where Stephenson (if there) and O'Brien may be considered.
Who else? Jaidyn Stephenson, Lochie O'Brien, Jack Higgins

14. Sydney Swans

Lochie O’BRIEN
18-Sep-99 | 184cm | 77.4kg | Bendigo Pioneers
Sydney has been one of the clubs linked strongly with former cricketer Nathan Murphy, but they may be able to find some height later on. They are said to want some run and class and that's what O'Brien provides. Richards could be a fit if he gets there too.
Who else? Jack Higgins, Ed Richards, Aiden Bonar

15. Brisbane Lions

1-Apr-99 | 178.8cm | 75.5kg | Western Jets
Pairing Fogarty up with his mate Cam Rayner (if the Lions take him at No.1) seems to be one theory at the moment, but Brisbane like the Western forward/midfielder regardless. He makes things happen and is very efficient. Jack Higgins will be considered too.
Who else? Jack Higgins, Lochie O'Brien

16. Western Bulldogs

19-Mar-99 | 177.8cm | 77.0kg | Oakleigh Chargers
Higgins and Fogarty could easily flip spots given that the Bulldogs were big fans of the latter when he trained there pre-season with the AFL Academy. Higgins will provide the Dogs with a smart little forward who can go through midfield. Murphy is another that they could look at.
Who else? Lachlan Fogarty, Nathan Murphy

17. Richmond

11-Feb-99 | 194.6cm | 92.3kg | Bendigo Pioneers
If you told Richmond at the start of the year that they'd be picking this deep in the first round and Brander would still be available, they would have been more shocked than if you told them they'd win the flag. The Tigers are confident that a big on Patrick Naish will come after their third pick (25) and are on the hunt for talls.
Who else? Nathan Murphy, Sam Hayes

18. Brisbane Lions

18-May-99 | 191.0cm | 86.1kg | Sandringham Dragons
This may be the earliest that Constable (who I rate in the top five) comes off the board as clubs have concerns about his running which may see him fall into the 20s. Brisbane scouts are fans though of the big-bodied ball-winner and he'd compliment their group very well with his size and footy IQ.
Who else? Lochie O'Brien, Matthew Ling, Zac Bailey

19. Gold Coast Suns

23-Jul-99 | 195.5cm | 82.3kg | Sturt
The South Australian is not only a late developer (he grew 15cm in two years), but also a bit of a late riser. He could go here, or in the second round. If Richards fell through, he would be a very strong chance while Sam Taylor would add depth as a key defender. Northern dynamo Jack Petruccelle is only a slight chance.
Who else? Sam Taylor, Ed Richards, Jack Petruccelle

And the rest…

Round 2

20 Richmond Zac BAILEY Norwood
21 West Coast Eagles Tim KELLY South Fremantle
22 Geelong Nathan MURPHY Sandringham Dragons
23 North Melbourne Charlie SPARGO Murray Bushrangers
24 Geelong Sam TAYLOR Swan Districts
25 Richmond Callum COLEMAN-JONES Sturt
26 West Coast Eagles Liam RYAN Subiaco
27 Richmond (F/S) Patrick NAISH Northern Knights
28 GWS Giants Harrison PETTY Norwood
29 GWS Giants Brent DANIELS Bendigo Pioneers
30 Melbourne Oskar BAKER Aspley
31 Carlton Joel GARNER Eastern Ranges
32 Brisbane Lions (A/S) Connor BALLENDEN Brisbane Lions
33 Melbourne Sam HAYES Eastern Ranges
34 West Coast Eagles Ryley STODDART Eastern Ranges
35 Sydney Swans Jordan HOULAHAN Sturt
36 St Kilda Oscar CLAVARINO Dandenong Stingrays
37 Geelong Toby WOOLLER Oakleigh Chargers
38 Collingwood (F/S) Tyler BROWN Eastern Ranges
39 Melbourne Matthew LING Geelong Falcons
40 West Coast Eagles Ben PATON Murray Bushrangers

Round 3

41 Adelaide Andrew MCPHERSON Woodville-West Torrens
42 Gold Coast Suns Noah BALTA Calder Cannons
43 Fremantle Dylan MOORE Eastern Ranges
44 Hawthorn Jake PATMORE Claremont
45 Brisbane Lions Kane FARRELL Bendigo Pioneers
46 St Kilda Jack PETRUCCELLE Northern Knights
47 GWS Giants (A/S) Nick SHIPLEY St George
48 Port Adelaide Will WALKER Sandringham Dragons
49 Melbourne Bayley FRITSCH Casey Demons
50 Essendon James WORPEL Geelong Falcons
51 Port Adelaide Jackson ROSS Eastern Ranges
52 Gold Coast Suns Brandon STARCEVICH East Perth
53 Sydney Swans Tom MCCARTIN Geelong Falcons
54 Brisbane Lions Jack PAYNE Brisbane Lions
55 Gold Coast Suns Noah ANSWERTH Oakleigh Chargers

Round 4

56 Gold Coast Suns (A/S) Brayden CROSSLEY Southport
57 Collingwood Dom BARRY Glenelg
58 Geelong Gryan MIERS Geelong Falcons
59 Port Adelaide Nathan KRUEGER South Adelaide
60 Collingwood Matthew DAY Oakleigh Chargers
61 Fremantle Tom DE KONING Dandenong Stingrays
62 Port Adelaide Alex MARTINI Glenelg
63 North Melbourne Bailey HENDERSON Bendigo Pioneers
64 GWS Giants Lloyd MEEK GWV Rebels
65 Fremantle Angus STYLES Sandringham Dragons
66 Essendon Kyron HAYDEN Subiaco
67 Hawthorn Hayden MCLEAN Sandringham Dragons
68 West Coast Eagles Wil POWELL Claremont
69 Fremantle Joel AMARTEY Sandringham Dragons
70 Geelong Lachlan SMITH Kyabram
71 Carlton Alex BOYSE Essendon VFL

Round 5

72 Hawthorn Trent MYNOTT Eastern Ranges
73 Gold Coast Suns Brayden AINSWORTH Subiaco
74 North Melbourne Mitch CROWDEN Sturt
75 Western Bulldogs Ben SLOAN Brisbane Lions
76 Essendon Haiden SCHLOITHE South Fremantle

Round 6

77 Hawthorn Tom NORTH Eastern Ranges

Round 7

78 Richmond Flynn APPLEBY GWV Rebels


  • The order has been adjusted to accomodate father-son (F/S) and academy (A/S) bids/selections.

  • All predicted passes have been removed from the order – as they are on draft night.

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