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I didn’t give the AFL more information: Mouncey


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Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey has revealed she didn’t provide any more information that could have potentially changed the AFL’s decision to allow her to play in the VFLW.

After she was controversially barred from entering the 2017 AFLW draft, the AFL has declared Mouncey ok to play in the VFLW, despite making their judgment on the same set of information provided.

That fact alone has confused Mouncey, and means the league could be working under two different policies for the same issue.

“It is pretty confusing,” she told SEN Afternoons.

“It has been out there for a little while now, that when the AFL does develop their policy, they’re going to look to have one for community level and one for elite level.

“I don’t understand how that can work because I’m not sure why you’d be ok to play in one competition, and not another.

“It’s not an inclusive policy. Simply saying, you can play here, but if you’re any good, you can’t play here. I’m not sure how that can work.

“I don’t know what changed between now and when I spoke to the AFL in October. I had no input into this most recent decision; I didn’t meet with anyone or provide any extra information.

“They were going off the same information that they used to exclude me from the draft in October.

“Clearly they have an idea for differences in the policy. I haven’t been told what was involved in it and I’m not sure how it can work.

“I’m keen to discuss how that would work with them. There are a lot of great groups in Victoria that they recommend they work with, which I’m not sure they’ve taken up on.”

It’s still unknown if Mouncey will play in the VFLW, as a club has to decide whether or not they want to sign her.

Listen to Hannah Mouncey’s chat with Andy Maher on the SEN Afternoons in the player below!

Hannah Mouncey SEN Afternoons

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