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KB's Take | No X-Factor in AFLX


Now let’s be honest, AFLX in my opinion fell well short of being a game of substance.

There was no X-Factor in AFLX.

It was an empty game that had no oomph.

The AFL should just play down the expectation of their new baby.

It could be a good community game but let’s just roll back the gushing a touch.

After three premiership teams were given a railway crossing sign as a trophy for winning their group there is now talk of a big bash league franchise system and playing games in Hong Kong.

David Koch, Port Adelaide president it could have great potential in China.

Of course Port Adelaide played there last year versus Gold Coast and the Chinese loved it we are told.

So I expect Port Adelaide’s membership to go through the roof this season.

For if Port can get .01% of the 1.4billion Chinese to sign up that’s 140,000 new members which will blow Richmond out of the water.

Take a deep breath on AFLX, otherwise we’ll be talking it up as an Olympic sport before the week is out.

I’m KB, that’s my take.

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