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Pies hand down De Goey punishment


Collingwood has announced the sanction handed down to Jordan De Goey, after the youngster was caught drink driving on Saturday night.

The Magpies have released the follow statement:

"After a series of meetings between Collingwood and Jordan De Goey on Monday, it has been agreed that Jordan will remain a senior listed Collingwood player on the following terms:

Jordan will not drink alcohol at least until the season’s end, when this decision will be reviewed.

Jordan has made a commitment to enlist the assistance of medical professionals to help him improve his decision making.

Jordan has agreed to make significant changes to his social life and associations, a pledge the club supports and will monitor.

In relation to Jordan’s drink driving conviction last Saturday evening, it has been agreed that the following will also apply:

An indefinite suspension from AFL selection. When Jordan has convinced his peers and coaches that meaningful change has occurred, and that his standards have risen to those of the group, he will become available for selection.

A fine of $10,000. Jordan has also offered to make a further $10,000 donation to a charity, a gesture the club acknowledges and supports.

Jordan will be required to undertake employment away from the club for a period of not less than four weeks. During this time he will train in the evenings with the Collingwood VFL squad.

Jordan will take on a meaningful role with a charitable organisation, a position that will be monitored by the club.

All of the above were agreed to after meetings between Jordan and the Collingwood leadership group and Jordan, his manager, and senior club officials.

Collingwood General Manager of Football, Geoff Walsh, said the outcomes provide Jordan with an unmistakeable message but also an unmistakeable opportunity.

"Jordan can have a long career with Collingwood if he commits himself wholly to his football but he could also have a very short career if he doesn’t," Walsh said.

"The club, and particularly his teammates, want to see behavioural change. They need to be able to trust him and believe in him.

"Jordan can win back the faith he has lost over a period of time and have a very good career if he honours all that he has agreed to today. He is telling us he wants to change. The time for talking is over."



De Goey’s blood alcohol level was recorded as 0.095, almost double the legal limit, on Saturday night at 8:25pm in Port Melbourne.

The 21-year-old is on his green P-plates, which means he can’t have any alcohol in his system while driving. His license has been suspended for six-months.

De Goey didn’t appear at Magpies training on Monday morning, as Nathan Buckley put his players through their paces to start the working week.

De Goey called Collingwood footy manager Geoff Walsh immediately after finding out he failed the breathe test, while defender Jeremy Howe went to his house to console his distressed teammate.

It isn’t the first time the Oakleigh Chargers product has found himself in hot water.

Last offseason, De Goey lied to the club about the cause of his broken hand.

He originally said it occurred while playing with his dog, before it was revealed he suffered the injury in a bar fight.

De Goey was hit with a three-game suspension and $5,000 fine for that misdemeanour.

It diminishes De Goey’s reputation once again, after he had built back internal respect by improving his training methods and attitude.

It’s believed the talented midfielder had started showing up to training late, before he changed his ways.

Defender Tyson Goldsack had alluded to this fact in a press conference earlier this year.

“He’s definitely not as fit as he could be, but he is learning himself how fit he can be,” he said

“In another four or five weeks, he’ll be ready to go.”

De Goey is out of contract at the conclusion of this season.

Last year, he averaged 18.9 disposals and kicked 14 goals, showcasing his dynamic potential and providing Collingwood with the playmaking forward-midfielder they’ve lacked.

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