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KB's Take | We need fatigue in the AFL


Honestly, it’s like hitting my head against a brick wall, but I’ll keep on doing it for the sake of the game.

Coming out of AFLX is the comments by GWS chairman Tony Shepheard. He said he has never seen players so exhausted, for they were out on their feet. It was just so fast and furious.

What also is up for discussion is keeping two forwards and defenders at each end of the ground to ensure more contests take place in the AFL’s new pre-season game.

I just hit my head against the wall again, for that’s what getting rid of interchange will do for our AFL game.

It will bring in fatigue. Players will have to spread out, we will get contests within contests.

Energy levels and fitness will have to be spread over the ground, for those who pretend with no interchange players will continue to run up and down all day are kidding themselves.

Maybe the only good thing about AFLX is that it showed what I’ve been saying for an eternity.

Fatigue has to be part of the game and has always been the answer to congestion, density and rolling mauls.

I’m KB, that’s my take.

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