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McGovern manager confirms Melbourne offers


Player manager Colin Young has confirmed that Jeremy McGovern is the subject of offers from Melbourne-based clubs.

Reports emerged this week that the West Coast Eagles defender had been offered a six-year deal worth $1.2million a season by one of three interested clubs in Melbourne.

Speaking to Kane Cornes on SEN Mornings, Young indicated that the figures being bandied around were not too far away from the proposed overtures, using the apparent market value of a player such as Richmond star Alex Rance as an example of the money being spoken.

“Rancey, I don’t know what he’s on, I’m using him as an example, his style of player might be worth between $1million and $1.5million now, so does Jeremy McGovern fit into that?” Young said.

“He plays not dissimilar to Rancey.

“So if that helps you, there’s certainly offers on the table and those figures aren’t too far away.”

Young added: “The market value is going to dictate what he’s worth.”

Late last month, McGovern’s younger brother Mitch (Adelaide forward) spoke of the possibility of playing alongside his elder sibling, adding further peculiarity to the situation surrounding the two-time All-Australian defender.

“On Crows TV, he did mention he’d like to do that at some stage in their careers. Whether that’s at the Crows, I haven’t spoken to the Crows since the trade period,” added Young further.

“So I wouldn’t know if they need a Jeremy McGovern, you never say never, but he’s pretty happy at West Coast.

“Jeremy does loves the coach, does loves the players, does love the club so it’s going to be a cautious decision whether he stays or go.

“At this moment, he’s with the club for this year. He wants to have success, so with all those ingredients plus the offers that may come from Melbourne - and there’s no doubt there is (interest).”

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