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St Kilda president still has LOFTY expectations for this group of players


St Kilda president Peter Summers hasn’t backed away from the ambitious goals the Saints have set for themselves over the next few years.

Summers said a few things have gone against them this year, but is confident they’re close to being the team he thinks they can become.

“We said when we set our plan we expect to be around top four and at the start of the year we believed if we got consistency right, we were a side that could compete week in week out with everyone,” he told SEN’s Crunch Time.

“We set some very ambitious goals and we don’t back away from those at all, but I think where we’re at right now is a reflection of not meeting our capabilities more than setting expectations that are beyond those capabilities.

“There’s clearly a big part of our underperformance this year and our being below expectations that come from not getting reward for effort.

“The Richmond result last year, we’ve beaten GWS, drawn with them this year, almost a huge win in Adelaide last year against Port Adelaide, we’ve shown that our top end is highly competitive.”

The Saints extended the contract of coach Alan Richardson in the preseason and Summers said the club hasn’t waivered whatsoever from that decision.

“Alan has brought great leadership, he’s brought great integrity and coaching experience to our football club and we remain absolutely confident he’s the right person to take this group forward,” he said.

“We believe he’s exactly the right person we need.

“The problem right now is performing to our expectations.

“We’ve seen it this year unfortunately only for quarters, the issue isn’t overestimating ability, it’s us performing to our capabilities.”

Gerard Whateley and Kane Cornes weren’t quite as optimistic as the St Kilda president.

“Kane, are they being delusional?” Whateley asked.

Cornes replied: “Yeah, I think they’re overestimating their capabilities.”

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