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Seven rule changes for the AFL to consider in 2019


Premiership coach Malcolm Blight has raised seven rule-change ideas he’ll be bringing to AFL footy operations boss Steve Hocking.

Blight has been added to a secondary competition committee looking at the future of the game and these are seven changes the South Australian wants the AFL to consider.

1. If you kick over 100 points, you get a bonus premiership point.

Blight: “If you kick 100 points, you get a bonus point on the ladder,” he told Footy SA.

2. Increase the amount of grip on the Sherrin

Blight: “The ball has been the same for 100 years, what if we put some sandpaper on it so the players can pick it up easier and quicker? Why not?”

3. Reduce the interchange

Blight: “We’ve talked about the interchange for years, bring it back to 45 (per game).”

4. Extend the goal square by 5-10 meters.

Blight: “The other one is the goal square extension, say the goal square was a little longer, every kick out from full back would be beyond centre and the opposition team would be in attack.”

5. 16 players on the field per side.

Blight: “The AFLW are playing 16-a-side. Plenty more space so congestion goes.”

6. Last touch out of bounds like AFLW and SANFL.

Blight: “Last touch out of bounds – this has been trialled elsewhere and it works. I think it’s got to come in.”

7. Starting points at centre bounces.

Blight: “This is a key one. Starting positions at every centre bounce. Six in the forward line, six in the midfield and six in defence. That’s your start at every bounce.”

Watch Malcolm Blight explain his seven rules below.

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