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Melbourne's strange extra-curricular activities revealed


There are multiple reasons behind Melbourne’s magnificent start to the 2018 season.

Max Gawn’s ruck dominance, blistering ball movement, a stiff defensive unit.

However, it also seems board games have played a major role in the turnaround.

“We have a board game group,” star forward Tom McDonald told SEN Breakfast.

“Me, Max Gawn, Sam Frost, Pat McKenna and Jake Lever play board games.

“We always play Scattergories, Risk, which is like the world war game, we played Sequence yesterday and we were going to play Settlers of Catan but never got around to it. They’re the four at the moment.”

The Dees’ bizarre off-field activities don’t end there.

“I’m not in this squash group, but they go to Kooyong and play tennis there with Lewy (Jordan Lewis) and Gawny (Max Gawn,)” McDonald said.

“They go to play squash, Oscar (Oscar McDonald) is a snooker player.”

Melbourne fans will be relieved to learn McDonald was on his way to training (yes, actual football training) while conducting the interview, and not salivating over what board game the boys will play next.

Listen to McDonald’s chat, where he discusses his new contract and more, with Garry Lyon, Sam Edmund and Bob Murphy in the player below

Tom MCDONALD Carlton SEN Breakfast

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