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Rules trial had AFLX feel about it says Lions footy GM


Brisbane Lions GM of football David Noble has explained what rule changes were implemented at the club’s rules trial training session yesterday, saying it had an “AFLX” feel about it.

Noble said the Lions are coming to the conclusion rule changes will be brought into the game, saying the ones the club played with yesterday provided more time and space for midfielders and forwards.

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“I liked the space,” he said on SEN Breakfast.

“I was a little bit skeptical, I must admit, first thinking about those numbers.

“I’ve seen it a lot at the under 18s, I’ve watched my boys came through in an 18s system in South Australia, and the distribution of numbers coming back, there is that argument, does that allow the players to develop?

“It did actually allow the game to flow better. It had an AFLX type of feel about it, where the ball seemed to move relatively quickly.

“It was only two 10-minute periods, so there is a lot more data that needs to be gathered in a game sense.

“It certainly looked better, the distribution, it looked more balanced across the ground, the ball moved easier.

“The ball just seemed to flow a little bit easier.

“The essence was six-six-six at centre bounces, have to stay in your front 50 at all stoppages, three forwards have to be inside the forward 50, with one in goal square.

"Then we tinkered around with having four forwards in your forward 50, no forwards allowed in your defensive 50 stoppage structure.

“I think it allowed more space.”

Listen to David Noble’s chat with Sam Edmund, Tim Watson and Bob Murphy on SEN Breakfast in the player below

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