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Clint Bolton pleads for leadership changes at the FFA


Former Australian goalkeeper Clint Bolton has expressed his frustration with the current state of Australian football, stating that there will be no progression until there are drastic changes at the top.

The FFA has come under scrutiny for the lack of direction of Australian football, resulting in an intervention by FIFA, who ordered the FFA to expand its congress to become more inclusive of its stakeholders.

Bolton is a firm believer that the ‘key’ is to change leadership at the very top.

“It’s not a new discussion, it’s a discussion we’ve been having for years,” said Bolton on SEN Afternoons.

“People are hoping and thinking a World Cup result like progressing from the group will develop this false sense of reality about Australian football, that we’re in a much better position, but we’re not.

“The makeup currently of the FFA board is just not good enough,” he added.

“It doesn’t have enough people emotionally invested in our sport.

“A change in leadership is the key to it all”

“Until that happens, until we have leaders that are emotionally invested in our game, nothing will change.”

Bolton isn’t confident change will occur, but acknowledges he is developing confidence that eventually we may see change.

“I’m not confident, but it seems to me that there is a possibility of significant change, with FIFA being involved, with this independent body that’s organising the congress.

“But I am developing confidence that change is coming.”

Listen to Clint Bolton's full interview on SEN Afternoons in the player below.

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