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Moore "could be a superstar defender for a decade" says Watson


Former St Kilda coach Tim Watson said he would throw “the kitchen sink” at Collingwood defender Darcy Moore.

While Moore hasn’t spent a great deal of time in defence and has had injury issues, Watson said he’s seen enough to believe he could be anything.

“I watched Darcy Moore play yesterday as a centre half back and if you’re looking for somebody that can hold down a key position for your club for a decade, I’d be throwing more money at him than what he’s actually worth on his potential,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

“In terms of paying money on potential, what I saw yesterday, he could be a superstar defender in this competition for another decade.

“He read the ball really well yesterday, he hasn’t played much, he’s extremely athletic, he’s confident, he’s quick, he’s agile and I think he makes good decisions out there too.”

Watson remembers Alex Rance at the start of his career and can see a reality where Moore goes down a similar path.

“When I look at him, I wasn’t sure about Alex Rance when he was coming through, he fell over a lot and he looked clumsy and couldn’t kick and look at him now and he’s one of the better defenders that’s ever played the game,” he said.

“I look at Moore and his physical attributes and his lack of experience at that end of the ground and project another 25 to 50 games into him and if his body holds together, what might he be able to produce?”


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