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Lyon declares double goal square idea “ridiculous”


Melbourne great Garry Lyon says the idea of two goal squares is one of the most “ridiculous” things he has ever heard.

The Age is reporting the AFL has looked at introducing two goal squares in a “speculative possibility”, which would see an 18 metre x 18 metre square implemented at both ends, with the current nine metre x nine metre square being positioned inside the larger area.

It would allow players two different options to kick in – ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ – but Lyon has slammed the idea.


“That is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever heard,” he told SEN Breakfast.

While saying he doesn’t like the double goal square, calling it “confusing”, three-time premiership player Tim Watson is a fan of the theory of getting the ball into forward zones quicker.

“I like the idea of extending the goal square and making it 18 metres long, so it can go to an attacking area and kick the ball longer into the fatter part of the ground,” he said.

“I like that as an idea but I’m not sure how it will work.

“I don’t like the idea of a dual goal square, it just sounds confusing.”

According to The Age’s report, the ‘fast’ kick-in would be a kick completed inside the current square after a scrambled score, while the ‘slow’ kick-in would enable players to use the 18-metre square after a set shot.

The double goal square is one of many topics set to be discussed at today’s Competition Committee meeting.

Garry Lyon SEN Breakfast

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