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Bartlett slams AFL for not tackling interchange cap


Kevin Bartlett has slammed the AFL's competition committee, castigating them for failing to consider a lower interchange cap.

Speaking on SEN’s KB and the Doc, the 403-gamer passionately criticised the AFL for its timidity in tackling the issue.


“You’re looking at the ingrown toenail, you’re not having a crack at the heart valve, but (the ingrown toenail) is what they’re going to look at, the AFL commission,” Bartlett said.

“They’ve never had the courage to actually bring down the interchange. There’s going to be no change to interchange. That doesn’t surprise me and never will.

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“Let’s keep the interchange the same…it might (have been) stuffing up the game for the last 20 odd years… but we’re not going to attack the heart valve.”

Bartlett’s condemnation of the AFL comes after Steve Hocking, head of the league’s competition committee, recommended several rule changes to the commission.

Proposed amendments include enlargement of the goal-square as well as restrictions on water carriers, but the commission won’t consider the interchange cap, angering the five-time Richmond premiership player.

Kevin Bartlett KB and the Doc

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