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The four simple rules Charlie Spargo follows every game


Melbourne Demons livewire Charlie Spargo spoke to Andy Maher on SEN Afternoons about his pre-draft injury and the advice he has received since joining the Demons.

Spargo suffered a sub-lux, or partial dislocation of his shoulder, in the Under-18s tournament, impacting his draft position and potential attractiveness to AFL clubs.

"I was playing for the Allies. I was going alright, and it was late in the first quarter. I tackled Paddy Dow... it sort of ripped my shoulder a bit, it sub-luxed during the game... and had to get a reconstruction three weeks later," said Spargo.

Maher asked if it felt like the injury left Spargo playing catch-up on his teammates after being drafted to Melbourne.

"I did have a bit of a delayed start to the pre-season."

"It was pretty annoying not being able to show exactly what I had. I struggled with a bit of continuity with my training and footy.

"It felt a bit slow but a lot of the coaches told me a lot of people had similar injuries coming in, in their draft year. Once you start playing, it's what matters."

Spargo spoke of forward coach Max Rooke's advice on coming into the Seniors and of Spargo's role in the team.

"Max Rooke... gave me the most messages of anyone. He kept it really simple for me."

"A lot of players may come into their first game and be really over-awed.

"Our forwards coach kept it really simple.

"Just run... tackle hard, compete, and setup in our structures really well."

Spargo will play in his first Preliminary Final on Saturday when the Demons take on the Eagles in Perth.

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