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Colin Sylvia dies in car accident


Former Melbourne and Fremantle player Colin Sylvia has passed away after a car accident in Mildura late Sunday night.

“Colin Sylvia has tragically been killed in a car accident near Mildura, just out of Mildura last night,” Garry Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“Some of the details are a bit sketchy but a two-car collision up there.

“Colin was taken really early in the draft, I think pick number three, was a really talented footballer at the Melbourne footy club.

“Just one of those footballers where that talent and potential was never fulfilled, found his way to Fremantle and couldn’t get settled over there either.

“He has had some off-field issues he has had to deal with along the way and tragically overnight, he has been killed in a car accident.

“Our condolences and sympathies are extended to Colin Sylvia and his family and friends.”

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