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SEN cricket’s ‘Polarising XI’


The SEN cricket team has put together Australian cricket’s 'Polarising XI'.

Captain Gerard Whateley called for listeners to vote on the Aussie players who throughout history have divided opinion.

The SEN audience sent texts and replied on Twitter with the final XI collated from all the nominations.

Some results are surprising but there are a few names that almost every cricket fan would agree with.

Check out the SEN Polarising XI below, with a comment on each from Whateley:

1. Kepler Wessels

“If you play for Australia and then against Australia, that surely qualifies you.”

2. Shane Watson

“He went through his career, I always thought, on the wrong end of things but his penchant for the DRS left him a figure of ridicule throughout.

“Never got the credit that perhaps he was entitled to. I think he’s thought of more fondly in retirement than he ever was when he played.”

3. Dean Jones

“Loved in Victoria. Not the rest of the way around the country.”

4. Michael Clarke (captain)

“Captain of the polarising eleven is Michael Clarke.”

5. Shaun Marsh

“The nation seems to want to vote him off the island.”

6. Andrew Symonds

“He was a consistent in almost all the XIs sent through.

“I presume it relates to incidents throughout his career, either self-inflicted, or ones he was a part of which prevented him from being the much-loved figure that he might have been.”

7. Greg Dyer (wicket keeper)

“For incidents in his career and continuing. He’s a polarising figure.”

8. Greg Matthews

“The first of the spinners, he’s at seven.”

9. Ian Meckiff

“It was felt he had to be in for the history that he had.

“His elbow prevented him from being the figure that he might have been.”

10. Scott Muller

“Seemed to be irresistible, for circumstances totally beyond his control.”

11. Chuck Fleetwood-Smith

“The old timers say apparently he was a curious figure.

“He had bird calls going in the field. There’s a book written about Chuck Fleetwood-Smith.

“Robert Craddock says he must be in."

Andrew Hilditch (12th man)

“He could fill plenty of roles."

John Buchanan (coach)

Click on the Tweet below to see some of the nominations.

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