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Goldstein opens up on how the Roos playing group handled the Daw situation


North Melbourne ruckman Todd Goldstein has opened up about a barbeque the playing group had following the situation surrounding Majak Daw.

“Over the Christmas break we tried to encourage everybody to stay in contact with each other,” Goldstein told SEN Breakfast.

“It’s obviously a difficult time when everyone goes their separate ways and go home and things like that.

“I think it was important to get together, there was nothing official about (the barbecue), it wasn’t organised by the staff, the players got together just to make sure that everyone was doing okay and so we can all support each other.”

Goldstein added the playing group didn’t really know what to do when they heard the news.

“It obviously had a massive affect on the playing group and his family and it’s obviously hard and it’s not something that occurs in AFL circles very often so no one really knew how to deal with it,” he said.

“As Maj said in his letter, he’s in a really good place and that’s the main thing.

“The positive is that now that everyone’s aware of it we can put our arms around him and support him.”

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