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Gatorade game changer among new AFLX rules


The AFL has revealed the rules for the AFLX 2019 tournament, which aims to showcase the unique and most thrilling aspects of Australian football.

New in 2019, each team will nominate a Gatorade game changer for the last five minutes of every match.

Every score the Gatorade game changer kicks is worth double during this period.

The AFL has also tightened the rules on backwards kicking.

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Players will not be awarded marks for backwards kicks except in the forward 15 metre zone, compared to the attacking 40 metre zone last year.

The ‘Zooper’ goal has been ditched for the 2019 tournament, and instead has been branded as a super goal.

The super goal is worth 10 points and must be kicked from behind the launch zone, and if an attacking player marks the kick within the 15 metre forward zone, the goal is still paid.

Similar to last year, AFLX will be played on a rectangular field and games will consist of two ten-minute halves.

Four teams will compete in a round-robin format, followed by a Grand Final between the top two teams.

Two players from each team must start inside the 15-metre zone at each end.

Eight players will take the field instead of seven in 2018, with six players on the interchange bench.

Two players from each team must start inside the 15-metre zone at each end.

The AFLX fixture will be released in the lead-up to the tournament.

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