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Biggest winners and losers from the 2018/19 NFL season


The Super Bowl may have been a fizzer of a game, but the NFL season overall was phenomenal from start to finish.

Everything from the rise of Patrick Mahomes, to the drama in Pittsburgh, to Cleveland climbing off the bottom, to Tom Brady's playoff form provided endless storylines to follow.

Here are the biggest winners and losers from the 2018/19 NFL season.

Winner: New England

They won the Super Bowl with a 41-year-old quarterback and a 53-man roster that would not have been in the top five talent wise.

Legacies have been cemented even further and the legends continue to grow.

Loser: Pittsburgh

A year that started with Super Bowl promise ended with the potential loss of their two best skill position players.

Running back LeVeon Bell sat out the season as his contract dispute spiralled out of control and will certainly find a new home in 2019, but the big question remains as to whether wide receiver Antonio Brown will be moved on as well.

Brown will likely remain in Pittsburgh barring something crazy, but it's still a bad look for an organisation that cannot escape drama.

Regardless, the Steelers took arguably their most talented roster of this era into the season and didn’t even make the playoffs.

Winner: The next generation of quarterbacks

Chiefs quarterback Mahomes won the NFL MVP award in what was his first year as a starter.

Not only did he do that, he captured the attention of the entire world, becoming the most must-watch player in the league.

Couple his success with the likes of Deshaun Watson in Houston, Baker Mayfield in Cleveland, Lamar Jackson in Baltimore and Jared Goff in LA and there are a number of guys looming to be the next face of the NFL.

We could see a few more names added to this list with Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Sam Darnold coming into their second seasons next year.

Loser: Jacksonville

The Jaguars went from last year’s AFC Championship Game and one win away from the Super Bowl to the bottom of their division.

They took a gamble in the off-season, committing to quarterback Blake Bortles despite many feeling he wasn’t up to the task.

Given they benched him for the back-half of the year and plan to move on from the 26-year-old, it’s fair to say that gamble didn’t pay off.

Their intimidating defence lost its bite as players lost their faith in the coaching staff and the direction of the team.

Winner: Los Angeles football

The Rams and Chargers are still the new kids in town in Los Angeles, but both made their marks this season – even if no one showed up to see it.

The two teams combined for 25 wins, both making the playoffs and providing some of the best offensive football of the year.

The Rams obviously fell short in the Super Bowl and went all-in on the year, but it’s hard to see them dropping away and not being a threat again next season and the same goes for the Chargers.

Loser: Las Vegas football

The Oakland and soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders had a season to forget under new coach Jon Gruden.

The Raiders won four games, coming last in the AFC West as talented players left and right demanded out.

It all started with the trading of Khalil Mack – who went on to dominate for the Bears in their playoff run – and Amari Cooper – who went on to dominate for the Cowboys in their playoff run.

There isn’t much for Vegas to get excited about when it comes to the Raiders as they are right now and let’s not forget Gruden has a 10 year, $100 million deal.

Winner: Anyone who watched Rams/Chiefs live

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