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SEN listener's trip of a lifetime to the Super Bowl


SEN listener Sam Fava won the trip of a lifetime to Atlanta, Georgia for Super Bowl 53 thanks to Red Energy. In his own words and pictures, he talks about what the amazing experience was like.

Two days have passed since witnessing the greatest sporting show on Earth and I still don’t think it’s fully sunk in that I just attended Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As an obsessed Gridiron fan, attending a Super Bowl has long stood as my number 1 bucket list item. I was fortunate enough to win a radio competition a mere eight days prior to the big game. With thanks to SEN and Red Energy, I chose a lucky mate and we hastily headed off to the USA to experience what we expected to be an event for the ages.

Boy, did it live up to the hype.

Whether you are a fan of American Football or not, it’s something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Spectacular. Other-Worldly. Immense. All the superlatives in the world don’t do it justice. The week-long build up, the fan festivals, the parties and being part of a city that for one day becomes the centre of the universe is a special experience.

We were fortunate enough to witness probably the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady along with the greatest coach of all time in Bill Belichik lead the Patriots to their 6th NFL championship.

It’d be remiss of me not to pay special tribute to Craig Hutchison and his BallPark Entertainment team who put together the tour of a lifetime. No stone was left unturned. Every need was met and we were made to feel like celebrities for the week. We met people who’ll become lifelong friends and have memories that will last us a lifetime.

They say going to watch the Super Bowl is a once in a life-time event, but having now had a taste of it, I sure hope that isn’t the case.

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