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AFL must scrap the 50-metre rule to avoid embarrassment


The new 50-metre penalty rule must be scrapped before Round 1 to avoid the AFL embarrassing themselves when the sides run out for premiership points in a fortnight's time.

Four 100m penalties were paid during Saturday's JLT games, including two which resulted in goals during the Port Adelaide versus North Melbourne game at Alberton.

The 50m penalty rule was one of nine changes implemented by the AFL ahead of the home and away season. It left both the Power and Kangaroos confused.

Under new rules, players who receive 50m penalties must be allowed to advance the ball down field without any interference or contact from the opposition.

If an opponent trying to man the mark either re-enters the 50m recipient’s protected area or fails to leave that space, the umpire will pay another 50m penalty.

We also saw the players who received the 50 doing their best to milk another one by leaning into their opponent and trying to draw contact.

SEN regular and Fox Footy commentator David King labelled the new rule "a disgrace" whilst Sydney premiership hero Jude Bolton went to Twitter to share his disgust.

“I despise the 50m rule at the present. #100m #NoNeed” he wrote.

After two weeks of pre-season footy, the majority of the new rules look to be having a positive impact but the 50 metre farce would be a major concern for the heavy hitters at AFL House this week.

They are adamant there is a simple solution, having encouraged players all summer to hand over the mark to a downfield teammate, if necessary.

“Any player who chooses to run with the 50m recipient must get ahead of him or stay out of the protected zone,” league operations boss Steve Hocking said.

Steven PLEASE!

That essentially leaves you one player short in defence, causing mass confusion amongst defenders.

It’s a classic case of having a trial period when such dramatic new rules are created.

A 50-metre penalty is already too harsh a penalty, now we are going to see repeat 100m indiscretions which will cost teams dearly.

This is the worst rule the AFL has introduced since the dreaded sub rule.

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