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Something "bizarre" about Daniher's six-week calf injury: Riewoldt


Former St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt has questioned Joe Daniher’s calf injury, suggesting that there’s something “bizarre” about it.

The Bombers revealed last week Daniher would miss up to six weeks with a calf strain and Riewoldt insists he’s never heard of a calf injury that requires six weeks of recovery time.

“The Joe Daniher press release from the Bombers just really piqued my interest,” Riewoldt told SEN Breakfast.

“He suffered a kick to the calf at training and suffered a calf strain. That’s what the release said.

“I can’t recall anyone ever straining their calf because it was kicked.

“Then to say it’s going to be a six-week calf, that is an extraordinarily long calf injury.

“That just sounds bizarre.

“Without really explaining the detail to us, we’re now in a position where we sit around and speculate on whether he’s re-injured his groin injury, are they just getting a mini-pre-season into him. It was a bizarre press release.

“Six weeks for a calf strain. That’s as bad as I’ve ever heard. I don’t understand how a kick to the calf can cause that.”

Former Melbourne forward Garry Lyon added Daniher’s appearance at last week’s AFL captain’s day was also strange.

“He then went and did the captain’s day. If you’ve done a calf, you don’t go stand around at the captain’s day. I’m not saying he hasn’t done a calf, but that was strange when I saw that,” he said.

“I’ve done a lot of calves, my experience is you’re at home.”

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