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Why Terry Wallace believes making umpires full-time is a "complete and utter waste of time"


SEN footy expert believes making AFL umpires full-time is a ludicrous thing to do.

Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson yesterday backed player agent Peter Jess’ call to make AFL umpires full-time, but Wallace believes this would be a horrible idea.

“I think it’s an absolute complete and utter waste of time to have them do so,” he told AFL Nation’s The Sunday Brunch.

“If you can explain to me exactly what you would actually get them to do during the week to have them professional, well then they’ll have a discussion with somebody about it.

“But everyone keeps saying they have to be professional because everyone else is professional.

“I’ve not heard one person yet get to a situation where they actually sit back and tell us what they are going to do during the week.

“How many videos are you actually going to watch during the week? It just is not going to work.

“Where do you house them? There’s 34 of them.

“They haven’t got facilities of their own now but now you want to put them in a full-time scenario.

“There’s got to be a lot more thought going into this one.”

Hear Terry Wallace explain his thoughts on full-time umpires in the player below.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0" title="Terry Wallace: Umpiring full-time a \"complete, utter waste of time\"">

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