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Brian Lake banned from footy


Brian Lake is set to fight a ban from football in the wake of a suspension which pushed him over the threshold.

The three-time Hawthorn premiership player copped a two-game suspension playing for Caroline Springs in the Western Region Football League and subsequently received a letter informing him that he had been “de-registered as a player and official in line with the National Player & Official Deregistration Policy”.

The two-game ban has seen Lake pass beyond the AFL Victoria mandated threshold of 16 games suspended.

Lake, 37, had missed 21 AFL games through suspension during his time with the Western Bulldogs and the Hawks but had been granted the 25 percent discount allowed to former AFL players to play at local level.

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Speaking to, Lake said he planned to appeal the decision.

“Bloody oath,” he said.

“They want ex-AFL players to come back and play in the local leagues and serve this up,” Lake said.

“Yes, I got reported (on Saturday) and probably deserve two weeks. But something needs to be done to this ruling, even if it’s all AFL suspensions are scrapped and you start fresh when you go back to local footy.

“I understand it’s to stop thugs in local footy but AFL suspensions should not be counted. Things you get suspended for at the top level wouldn’t even be looked at in local footy.”

The letter said Lake is eligible to appeal for re-registration 12 months after the de-registration commences.

The ban comes just two months after Lake was sentenced to community service after being found guilty of stalking, trespass and property damage.

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Brian Lake

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