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Lyon: The Footy Show should be celebrated after “execution” axing


Garry Lyon believes The Footy Show should be afforded a 'celebration show' after it was axed last night.

The former co-host of the program feels it only fitting that an institution such as The Footy Show, which has been on air since 1994, must be given the proper farewell it deserves.

Amid poor ratings, Channel Nine made the decision to cease production of the show after it went to air last night and to Lyon it felt like “an execution” given the nature of the axing.

“The Footy Show went to air last night, Neroli (Meadows) farewelled and said, ‘thanks for watching, see you next week’,” he said on SEN Breakfast.

“Then an hour later, out comes the press release, bang, The Footy show’s gone.

“That is an execution.”

Lyon says he would love to see past hosts and central figures such as Eddie McGuire, Sam Newman, Trevor Marmalade, Tim Watson, Doug Hawkins, Jason Dunstall, Craig Hutchison, James Brayshaw and Rebecca Maddern appear on a celebration edition.

“Now there needs to be a celebration. There should have been a celebration,” he added.

“They should have said, ‘listen, we’re no longer but next we’ll farewell The Footy Show.

“’Eddie, Sam and Trevor will do the first half hour, maybe Garry and JB will do a half hour, then JB and Rebecca could do 15 minutes’.

“Celebrate that and send it on its way. That’s what should happen. This is an iconic show.

“People only think of it in its latest guise but we should we celebrating this (show).

“That’s how I’d start the celebration show – I’d have Eddie come out, I’d Sam over there, I’d have Trevor in the bar, I’d have Whisp (Watson), I’d have Dougie (Hawkins) and the Chief (Dunstall).”

Lyon asked Watson if he’d be prepared to reappear on the show.

“Yes, if you would be prepared to do it, I’d be prepared to do it,” Watson said.

After 735 episodes, production of The Footy Show has now ended.

It lasted less than two months in its new format with the cast of Anthony Lehmann, Neroli Meadows, Dylan Alcott, Brendan Fevola and Shane Crawford.

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