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Who is the most respected news breaker? Who is the most annoying AFL media identity?


Over 1000 people answered the inaugural The Sounding Board’s footy survey which asked all the tough questions surrounding footy and particularly, the media.

Kicking things off was the question: Who should Damian Barrett break bread with?

Out of Luke Beveridge, Mark Robinson, James Hird, all of them or none of them, The Sounding Board listeners have made the call!

"It was a polarising issue," said Craig Hutchison.

"Our audience feel you should break bread with no one."

To which Barrett responded: "I certainly won't be with two of the three."

Check out the results below:

Identity Votes
None of them28.08%
All of them24.49%

The survey also asked: Who is next in line to become the new Bruce McAvaney?

James Brayshaw seems to be a popular choice.

Barrett said: "It's an unassailable lead now. He is going to replace Bruce McAvaney on Channel 7 when Bruce decides the time is right."

Identity Votes
James Brayshaw47.12%
The Mimosa Moustache (Brian Taylor)20.58%
Hamish McLachlan19.81%
Basil Zempilas6.44%
The Duke of Wellness (Luke Darcy)6.06%

Now to the nitty gritty: Who is the most respected AFL news breaker?

And the winner is... D.BARRETT

"In fairness, this was aimed to our Sounding Board listenership, I'd be disappointed if he didn't win it," said Hutchison.

Damian Barrett30.36%
Caroline Wilson16.04%
Jake Niall15.18%
Sam McClure9.22%
Michael Warner8.65%
Tom Browne5.28%
Tom Morris4.32%
Mitch Cleary4.13%
Jay Clark3.55%
Mark Robinson 3.27%

And not a list you would strive for: Who is the most annoying AFL media identity?

Barrett asked the question: "You've warmed. Do you think on the Herald Sun one (list) you might be a bit more prominent?"

Hutchison said: "Much worse!! Top three finish for sure."

Basil Zempilas18.61%
Cameron Ling16.30%
Kane Cornes15.90%
Tom Browne13.08%
Brian Taylor11.37%
Eddie McGuire9.15%
Dermott Brereton6.74%
Dwayne Russell5.03%
Bruce McAvaney2.72%
Craig Hutchison 1.11%

Listen to Hutchy and Damo discuss the Identities below:

We will be back Monday to reveal the Best Performers, including who is the best play-by-play caller on both TV and radio!

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