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Wallis joins Dangerfield in calling for shorter pre-season


Western Bulldogs midfielder Mitch Wallis has joined AFLPA president Patrick Dangerfield in calling for a shorter pre-season.

Dangerfield recently told SEN Mornings that “a bit of work needs to be done” around shortening the pre-season for AFL players.

Wallis agreed, and offered up a simple solution to ease the load on players.

“A really good path to go down would be to have a 10-day camp pre-Christmas,” he told The Oval Office.

“So sometime in December where it’s really intense, it’s a lot about the theory of footy and implementing the game plan but also getting your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels up to a point which is going to cater for a couple of weeks in January and February when the games start.

“However, I do believe that there needs to be a slow progression into something like that.

“There’s just so much unknown around that space but I do believe that the pre-season is too long, thinking that you’re training in early November to prepare for games that don’t start until March.

“I just think that that period of time is way too long.”

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