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Modern-day footballers are being over-coached: Barlow


Former Fremantle Docker and assistant coach of the Werribee Football Club Michael Barlow argues that modern-day players are being over-coached.

Talent programs such as the NAB league have access to elite software that is used at the top level and Barlow suggests care must be taken during the critical development stage of these young footballers.

“I think there is enough to suggest that they are," Barlow told SEN Afternoons.

“Rightly or wrongly, there is access to their vision at that level. We’ve got to be very delicate and careful in terms of how much (access to vision)."

Barlow recently worked with the Victorian Country U18’s boys’ side and noted that the program does use elite software to critique their players, but they also just allow them to play and develop their own style.

“I think there is a good balance there, they get a bit of exposure but there is still that instinct aspect,” said Barlow.

As an assistant coach at Werribee and former player, Barlow understands the commitment of the modern-day footballer and knows the toll that over-coaching could potentially have on the attitudes of players.

“A lot of my players are on the shovel from seven till three then coming out to training, you got to be careful sitting them down and saying do a bit more body here at the stoppage. They can start to begrudge what they’re doing a little bit,” said Barlow.

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