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Matthew Lloyd ranks the top 7 players he'd want kicking for his life


Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd knows a fair bit about goal kicking and has ranked the top seven players he would want kicking for goal for his life.

Of current players, Lloyd believes young Crow Darcy Fogarty not only has the best kicking action of them all, but he says no one has been better in the last 10 years.

“Watching Darcy Fogarty, and he’s only kicked 15 career goals, he is the best kick I have seen in terms of for goal,” Lloyd told Sportsday.

“Of the modern day players and even of the last 10 years. Just the technique, so simple and beautiful, big legs but just kicks through the ball and the timing of the footy.

“I just got excited, he got it five times. I even brought my son over and said watch this guy’s kicking technique.”

Here’s the top 7 players Lloyd would have kicking for goal for his life:

7. Tim Membrey (40.14 in 2019)

6. Jack Darling (50.18 in 2019)

5. Tom Hawkins (52.25 in 2019)

4. Michael Walters (35.14 in 2019)

3. Gary Ablett (30.15 in 2019)

2. Tory Dickson (22.8 in 2019)

1. Darcy Fogarty (6.1 in 2019)

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