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Will the pre-season trade period be beneficial? Pies coach breaks it down


Tim Watson this morning broke the news that the AFL will introduce a pre-season trade period that will take place across a 48 to 72-hour window next year.

When asked his thoughts surrounding the potential scheme, Collingwood head coach Nathan Buckley said it would have a greater impact on the recruiting team but coaches would adjust.

“I must admit, I’m probably in the camp of you just give us the rules, the lay of the land, and we'll make the most of it,” he told SEN's Whateley.

“But I'm sure there are people whose jobs are more affected by that.

“I think with any rule, I think there's an opportunity to do it well and to take advantage of that. And it might be as much as maintaining the evenness of the competition becuase you might have an outlier injury situation that you can buffer or do something about.

“I still like the idea of clubs having the ability to add to their mix. I like the midway point through the season.”

Buckley understood the possible angle that the AFL are taking with the pre-season trade.

“The AFL are just trying to make it more fluid,” he said.

But ultimately, he couldn’t see reasons why the pre-season trade window would need to be introduced, considering not much of the game plan would change so close to the season.

“You’ve gone through a pre-season and you’ve had two JLT (matches) and a practice game, I’m not sure why your plans would change too much,” he said.

“You do have injuries through pre-season but not as prevalent as the early part of the season.”

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