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Brad Scott to accept job at AFL HQ


SEN Chief Broadcaster Gerard Whateley is reporting that former North Melbourne coach Brad Scott will join AFL HQ.

Scott left the Roos mid-season, with many believing he would target another senior coaching job.

Whateley said the 10-year coach will have a varied role, including in the AFL’s football department.

“Brad Scott has accepted a job at the AFL, shelving a future in coaching for the foreseeable future,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“True to his word, he had no private guarantees or assurances in place when he departed North Melbourne after 10 years as senior coach.

“Inquiries first from Carlton, then St Kilda and then recently from Fremantle were met in the same way. Scott was undecided about a future in coaching and they should proceed without him.

“Now Scott has made his choice. He will join league headquarters in a broad role. Not only with Steve Hocking in the football department, but in the wider business."

Whateley added that the Roos will need to pay a large portion of Scott’s salary.

“The Kangaroos made the assumption that when Scott told the board he was prepared to leave the club at the end of 2019, that he had his eyes on a senior role at another club,” he said.

“When the administration sacked Scott, it leveraged the settlement on that contention. It will now pay for that mistake.

“Although it won’t be the full amount, reported at 800,000, as there will be some claw back against the AFL’s salary, but it will be a significant burden against the soft cap.”

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