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Sam Gray "disappointed" with how Power exit played out


Following a “stressful” month, new Sydney forward Sam Gray has admitted he was quite disappointed with how things ended at Port Adelaide.

Gray was delisted by the Power, seeking a two-year deal, but told by coach Ken Hinkley that the club planned to go in a different direction.

The 27-year-old played 96 games for Port Adelaide and said it took him some time to get over his final conversation with the club.

“We just had that conversation at the end of the year and he (Hinkley) said they’ve got some young forwards coming through and there’s probably not going to be a spot for me next year at half forward, so it is probably best that I look elsewhere,” Gray told SEN Breakfast.

“I was pretty surprised to be honest. I played the last 20 games in a row and thought I might have been okay, but that wasn’t the terms.

“It hit me as a bit of a surprise, but I took it on the chin.

“I guess you do (dig your heels in with the coach) at the time, but what’s said at the end of the year, they’ve probably already made their minds up. It was tough to take at the time, but I’ve tried to move on as quick as I can.”

Looking to the future, Gray is excited for a fresh start with the Swans.

“There’s a lot of young talent coming through and I guess I’ve always heard about the culture up there and in the last few days, all of the boys have been texting me, so that’s been good,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to getting up there in the next couple of weeks and meeting the boys.

“It’s been a stressful month, but I’m happy with the way it has played out.”

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