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Corey 'Homicide' Williams says Andrew Bogut hired an investigator to dish up dirt on him


Corey 'Homicide' Williams has revealed Sydney Kings superstar Andrew Bogut hired an investigator to find out information about him, but all the investigator could find was his official name.

The NBL commentator and media personality told Off The Bench that Bogut employed the investigator following a Twitter spat.

"When you are the biggest basketball name in this country which is Andrew Bogut, and a loudmouth American guy is coming down talking all kinds of rubbish, you don't like it," Williams said.

"Andrew Bogut and I got into some Twitter wars last year so what he did was hire an investigator to find out information about me, and all the investigator came back with was my name."

While he usually goes by 'Homicide', Williams revealed he tells people his first name is 'Corey' due to bullying of his birth name as a child.

"My government name in the US is Carey, I go by Corey though because when I was young I used to be teased for Carey," he said.

"They'd call me Carrie and they wouldn't pronounce it correctly."

Williams said when Bogut found out that he encouraged all of his Australian Boomers teammates at this year's FIBA World Cup to call him by his official name.

"He found out my name was Carey and he started calling me that," he said.

"He said to everybody 'Look, any interview you do with Carey, you've got to say his name five times', so kudos to Andrew Bogut."

Despite the banter, Williams said Bogut was a smart man who has been superb for Australian basketball.

"Everything he's done for the league has been fantastic and he's one of the smartest, most intelligent basketball players ever," he said.

Listen to Corey 'Homicide' Willams' chat on Off the Bench below

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