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How a pinpoint Grant Thomas mint woke up St Kilda rookie


Nick Dal Santo recalled an infamous story from a team meeting during his career at St Kilda.

After being asked about whether a teammate had ever fallen asleep during a meeting, Dal Santo revealed it was little-know rookie Cathal Corr who bore the brunt of then-coach Grant Thomas’ short temper more than a decade ago.

“Cathal Corr fell asleep in a team meeting and Grant Thomas hit him in the face with a lolly out of his own pocket,” he revealed on SEN Summer Breakfast.

“I think Grant Thomas said to him after ‘don’t ever let your eyelids touch in my meetings ever again’.

“It was a brilliant throw back in the day, it was about 2004 or 2005.

“It got him in the forehead.”

Corr – who was taken at pick 14 in the 2005 rookie draft by the Saints – said he belatedly received an apology from Thomas after the incident.

“All I remember was I fell asleep,” Corr said.

“It was an interesting meeting after the meeting with Grant (Thomas) about falling asleep.

“(The mint) hit me in the forehead, I was four rows back too so it was a great shot.

“He did apologise a few days later but it wasn’t too bad.”

Corr never played a game for St Kilda but younger brother Aidan is currently playing for the GWS Giants.

Listen to Cathal Corr's chat with Jack Heverin and Nick Dal Santo on SEN Summer Breakfast in the player below.

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