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Crows won't stop looking at opportunities to improve says CEO


Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan says the recent trend of upgraded facilities across the AFL is behind the club’s push for a new training ground in the Adelaide Parklands.

The Crows revealed their plans for the site of the North Adelaide Aquatic Centre on Wednesday following presentation to the local council.

Fagan told Kane Cornes and Andrew Hayes on SEN SA Breakfast that the Crows must continue to look forward and improve.

“When you are CEO of a footy club you know you are constantly looking at the facilities in which you operate,” he said.

“We see right across the industry there’s a few clubs that have completed facilities in recent times or looking at new ones and I guess we’re a part of that process.

“We won’t stop looking at opportunities and we thought this one was compelling in that it could provide a win-win-win for the council, community and footy club and its fans.”

Adelaide’s proposal to move from West Lakes has come under scrutiny due to concern the Crows would take over control of public park land.

Fagan disputed these claims and hopes the release of the plans can help dispel the myths.

“I think most of the opposition is based on just a lack of awareness on the aspects of it or perhaps when you’re talking about change or development there’s always going to be divided opinion,” he said.

“We have the ability now to take these plans into a more open forum and get feedback from the community.

“There’s still a lot of work to do. This kind of facility is a two-year build if we get to that point, hopefully we do.”

Fagan also confirmed a new Head of Football to replace Brett Burton will be appointed soon, as well as a senior assistant coach and confirmation of the captain.

“Head of Football will be first and that will be before Christmas,” he said.

Listen to Andrew Fagan’s chat on SEN SA Breakfast below


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