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The 10 defenders Wallace believes could make a "quantum leap" in 2020


Australian Football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace has listed the forwards across the AFL who he believes will take a “quantum leap” in 2020.

These are the players who the former Hawthorn champion believes will go to another level next season.

He has already gone through the 14 midfielders he expects to take the leap here.

And ruckmen here

And forwards here

“I think over a summer you can get players who take their game from one level to another major level,” Wallace told SEN Drive.

“Now, some of those are players around the edges who might have got a few games who really start to become good, regular players.

“Others are players who have been those good, regular players, or maybe even a little bit better, who I think can go to another level again.

“A couple of them, people will say they’re already at that level – I think that there’s another level in them again.

“These are the players that I expect in 2020 to take a quantum leap.”

Wallace’s defenders who could make a big leap in 2020

“There’s not a lot of key backs here, mainly because it is a position really of maturity for a lot of players,” Wallace said.

Tom McCartin (Sydney)

“I’m really interested to see how he goes. Does he play forward, does he play back for the Swans. He can play either end and I think he would be a really good defender for them. I don’t mind what end they play him, but I’ll be watching him with interest,” Wallace said.

Josh Battle (St Kilda)

“I thought he took some really big steps this year and I think that he has got the ability to go even further with his football,” Wallace said.

Caleb Marchbank (Carlton)

“He hasn’t had any luck since coming to Carlton. He’s been in and out with injuries, but I have got a lot of time for Caleb Marchbnak as a player. I think he can take another step,” Wallace said.

Zac Bailey (Brisbane)

“I really like the way that he goes about his footy,” Wallace said.

Sam Petrevski-Seton (Carlton)

“Once they started playing him off of half back and just his ball-use and his ability to sum it up from back there was really good. Whether they keep him back there or take him back through the middle of the ground,” Wallace said.

John Noble (Collingwood)

“For him to be able to do what he did without having a pre-season with the boys, coming in from another competition and being able to fit in, with another 12 months under his belt I am going to watch him with a lot of interest,” Wallace said.

Mason Redman (Essendon)

“I like the work that he has done at Essendon. I think that he has done some really good work,” Wallace said.

Jordan Clark (Geelong)

“I know he had the injury last year, but Cats fans, I think he is going to be an excellent player for you for a long time,” Wallace said.

Caleb Daniel (Western Bulldogs)

“He’s already established, but gee when he plays off half back, the setup work, I don’t like using the term quarterback, but from that area of the ground his ball use is fantastic,” Wallace said.

Jordan Dawson (Sydney)

“I think he is going to be rolled gold. His work off half back, he is a beautiful kick and a beautiful size so he is my real one to watch from the half back point of view,” Wallace said.

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