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Who is Cornes buying, holding and selling in 2020?


Kane Cornes has played stockbroker and taken a close look at the value of each of the 18 AFL clubs on the stock market.

The Port Adelaide premiership player has decided whether to buy, hold or sell on each team heading into the 2020 season.

Whether it be a club on the rise, a club holding ground or a club set to fall, who is Cornes buying, holding and selling?



Adelaide club banner


That’s a sell for me. Just like the big bank Westpac which fell 14% in the month of November last year, Adelaide’s price did the same as they closed the door on the 2019 season. A lack of depth, an immobile and slow forward line which lacks smalls, injuries in the back half and a mass exodus of experienced players sets Matthew Nicks up for an ugly year. I am dumping all my Adelaide stock. Sell.

Brisbane club banner


It’s a hold for me. The start to their season will be fascinating, I want to see if the young group have become comfortable and complacent after an impressive 2019 season. This is one to revisit in the early parts of the season. Hold.

Carlton club banner


I’m a buyer. They will improve on the 7 wins they had last year and therein lies the value on the stock exchange. I’m not sure they can rise up the ladder 8 spots and qualify for finals but I’m a believer in the list. Get out your cheque book, things are looking good for the Blues. Buy.

Collingwood club banners


I’m buying the Pies. They are a blue-chip stock with very little volatility. I have them as one of six teams that can win the premiership. I believe in the list and I believe in the coach and that is why I’m buying and topping up my portfolio. Buy.

Essendon club banner


It’s a fire sale on the Dons. Along with Adelaide, no club’s value has fallen as much as the Bombers. A questionable coaching succession plan, key players wanting out of the club in the trade period and an extensive pre-season injury list sets them up for a disastrous 2020. Sell everything.

Fremantle club banner


Champion Data rank Fremantle’s list as the second worst in the competition. I can understand the panic, the Dockers did lose several players after the 2019 season, including Bradley Hill (St Kilda) and Ed Langdon (Melbourne), as well as veteran ruckman Aaron Sandilands (retired). However, they picked up three potential stars in the top 10 of the draft (Hayden Young, Caleb Serong and Liam Henry) that may play senior footy early this year. Like a lot of clubs their fortunes will hinge on the health of the squad but I’m not as pessimistic as some others. Hold.

Geelong club banner


I’m holding on the Cats. Every year I write them off and every year they make me look silly… so I’m not doing it this year. They still have guns on every line and play 8 home and away games at a ground that no other team can win on. Hold your Geelong stock, I don’t think you’ll lose your money. Hold.

Gold Coast club banner


We might not be buying much but I’m going to buy a little bit of stock in the Suns. Surely, they win more than three games next season? A speculative buy they may be but I’m backing them in to win five games next year. Buy.

GWS Giants club banner


Champion Data overall list rating: 4th The Giants are smack bang in the sweet spot. I’d be very surprised if they aren’t at least back on preliminary final weekend this year. So, lets hold on Toby Greene’s Giants. Hold.

Hawthorn club banner


I’m selling my Hawthorn stock. I didn’t think they’d play finals last year and I don’t think they will this year. The graph is heading only one way, down. They are the third oldest squad heading into this season which is not where you want to be when you finished the previous season in 10th. I’m out on the Hawks, time to sell up. Sell.

Melbourne club banner


During the US financial crisis that lasted 17 months between 2007-2009, the stock market lost 50% of its value. The world was in panic, everyone sold what they owned meaning the Dow Jones plummeted eventually bottoming out at 6,500 points in March of 2009. Those that took advantage of these turbulent times and invested in the market at its lowest became very, very rich. The Dow Jones recovered and now sits a touch over 29 thousand points. That’s Melbourne right now. Their value is at its absolute lowest but the astute investors are buying up. I think we can make a lot of money on the Demons this year. Beware of a team with a seriously bruised ego. Get your cheque books out and buy up!

North Melbourne club banner


In the last 10 years North Melbourne have finished 9, 9, 8, 10, 6 (Prelim), 8 (Prelim), 8, 15, 9 and 12. They are the epitome of a below average side. I can trust them, I don’t believe in the list. They don’t excite me at all. I currently own very little North Melbourne stock as it is and I’m certainly not buying anymore. Hold or sell, it’s up to you, but definitely don’t buy.

Port Adelaide club banner


It’s fair to say I’ve invested heavily in Ken Hinkley and the Power in recent years and they cost me a few bucks. I really like the young players but I’m certainly not sold on the way that this list has been built. The experienced additions that the club have brought in haven’t delivered. It’s a hold for me.

Richmond club banner


Wise investors tell me that you can’t own enough blue-chip stock and while they are expensive, I think it’s still a good time to load up on the Tigers. The prosperous times are here to stay.

St Kilda club banner


Champion Data overall list rating: 13th. Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Paddy Ryder, Zak Jones and Dan Butler are now Saints. I also rate the new coach Brett Ratten and he already seems highly connected to the paying group. I’m not sure if the new players and new coach is enough to get them to the finals but they’ll improve this year. Im buying stock at Moorabbin.

Sydney club banners


Buddy’s hurt and maybe only has 10-15 good games left in his career. The once reliable midfield is ageing and looks banged up. I do like some of their young players but it’s not enough to tempt me on the Swans. What a great team they have been for some many years but it’s time to sell down on Sydney.

West Coast club banner


When one of the best teams in the competition goes and adds a competition top-10 midfielder to their already star-studded line-up, that’s evidence enough for me to buy up. The Eagles are one of six teams that can win the flag again this year. I’m buying.

Western Bulldogs banner


In the early 2000s when I was playing for Port, the changeroom chatter was reaching fever pitch as a few of the older boys had invested in a stock that they believed was about to make them all instant millionaires. The name of the stock was Firepower. It was essentially a little pill that you dropped in your fuel tank and it was supposed to dramatically improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. A lot of the game's biggest names had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and anyone who hadn’t bought in certainly wished they had. The hype was out of control. Firepower even sponsored some of Australia’s biggest sporting teams including the Sydney Kings, the Western Force and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. It turned out Firepower was a total fraud; the pill didn’t work and anyone who invested in the product, including a lot of overconfident AFL players, lost everything and had egg on their faces. Now, I’m not saying the Western Bulldogs are the Firepower of the AFL but will the team’s performance match the pre-season hype surrounding the team? I’m not convinced yet. I’m holding firm on the Western Bulldogs, I need to see more consistency. It’s a hold on the Dogs.

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