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"No threat" of Olympics cancelled or postponed says senior AOC member


Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll says there is currently threat of the Olympic Games being cancelled or deferred.

The 2020 Games are scheduled to start in July, but Carroll says the danger of the coronavirus hasn’t proved to be an issue for Tokyo organisers so far.

“There is no indication from anyone that the games should be cancelled or delayed at this point in time,” he told SEN's Whateley.

“Ourselves, the International Olympic Committee and the organisers will never put athletes, whether they be ours or from around the world in any harm’s way.

“Preparations are continuing, the IOC is in day-to-day contact with the World Heath Organisation, as are the organisers of the games in Tokyo and the Japanese Government.”

The fears come amid the suspension of the Japanese J.League soccer season until at least March 15 due to the virus.

Carroll says they’re taking everything into account to ensure the spread of the disease is stopped, in line with other sporting organisations around the world.

“They’re just taking every precaution at this point in time. All the indications are that these measures are being effective,” he said.

“The International federations and the IOC are coordinating moving the qualification events to fit in with the program schedules.

“It’s changed plans. We’re taking every care. It’s alert, we’re not alarmed and we’re making sure we plan accordingly with our sports.”

Recent Olympic qualifiers in gymnastics and women’s soccer were recently moved from China to Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

Carroll says the AOC is best placed to advise organisations and athletes on the coronavirus given their information sources and says there is no current fears surrounding the Games.

“We get our information from the IOC,” he said.

“I was in Canberra the past two days and received a briefing from the office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Minister for Health, and the Office of the Minister for Sport.

“We’re plugged into the Government, we thank them for it, and I’m able to then process that and convey it to our sports and our athletes.

Listen to the chat below

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