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What happens if an AFL player tests positive to coronavirus?


The AFL are currently putting in protocols to quicken up processes if numerous players have to be tested for coronavirus.

A multiple day wait is currently standard for anyone undergoing tests for the infectious disease, which is currently causing a global health emergency.

Sportsday co-host Sam McClure reports the AFL are working with at least one hospital to make sure tests results for players would be accelerated.

“At least one hospital – the Epworth in Richmond – is on standby for players to have their tests expedited,” he said.

“In the case that someone either is symptomatic of coronavirus or tests positive and they need to quickly test the rest of the team before playing against (another team).

“The AFL are in negotiations with the department of health to make sure AFL players are top of the queue when it comes to testing but also expedite the process so they know their tests being positive or negative earlier than the average Australia which at the moment is a five day window.

“They won’t have to go through the 14-day quarantine period.”

Sport around the globe is currently being affected by coronavirus, which the World Health Organisation has now declared a pandemic.

One of the biggest tennis events in the world – Indian Wells – was cancelled this week, numerous European soccer leagues are currently playing games behind closed doors while the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place later this month with no fans.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan confirmed on Tuesday the league was prepared to play games with no fans if required.

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