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Collingwood skipper Pendlebury talks through COVID-19 testing experience


Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury has been cleared of COVID-19, but has talked through getting tested and the waiting period for results.

The Pies skipper revealed the test is uncomfortable, but not a painful one.

“They just do a nose swab, which is a fair way up the (nose with) like an earbud-type thing, but a long one,” Pendlebury said on Instagram.

“It goes right up and almost feels like it hits you right between the eyes so your eyes start watering … not painful just uncomfortable.

“Then they do a mouth swab and then I didn’t have time to check if they used the same end … hopefully they didn’t.

“Then they did a secondary test just in your nose I think to check for other viruses. So did that and literally left emergency.”

Pendlebury added that he was starting to go stir crazy at home when he wasn't allowed at training.

“I wasn’t overly nervous but as time ticks by and you’re expecting a call you just want the call, I got sick of my house,” Pendlebury said.

“I went outside, went for a walk (and) I’d seen this lady and she looked at me twice, I’ve never seen someone get distance from me quicker than she did.

“It’s different but you do what you’re told and get on with it.”

Pendlebury feels AFL players are at no greater risk of getting the virus than the rest of the working population and therefore should go out there and play.

“I definitely want to play,” Pendlebury said.

“That’s not just saying I want to play because it’s footy … we’re at no further risk than what a person that goes to work.”

The Magpies take on the Western Bulldogs on Friday night.

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